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Guys, how cute are these?! I was at a bookstore that recently opened in my town and I found an entire comic section. I don’t know about you, but I live in Holland and they apparently never heard of comics here. You can’t buy them anywhere. So I also never read an Archie comic in my life. When I found these guys, I got really excited and I HAD to buy them. How cute is little Jughead in the bottom corner tho? omg. I’m so excited! Going back really soon to look for more Archie comics.

So what I've gathered is...

It’s ok for Marvel to show the entire movie in their trailer because “they’ve earned our trust” but if DC does it then it’s “HOW DARE THEY?!”

I’m tired of the hypocrisy guys.

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I can't say enough good things about this weeks update! First of all your updates always give me something to look forward to! Seeing as I'm also diagnosed with depression I was told to choose one thing a week to bring something positive, and this is it! Also I totally relate to reg about chores being the death of me and Devi looks strangely adorbale in "cleaning" clothes :)

Awww omg thank You…. ;v;
I’m glad this is something that helps You get trough the week! Honestly it’s often difficult for me to find motivation bc im kinda dead inside and have no self-confidence but every time after I actually force myself to do a new page and people are saying super nice things about it, it makes it all worth and I feel like I’m not just wasting my time!

*stares at hands* ok would I actually follow through writing that tho…


I’m formally open for comic commissions if anyone’s interested~!

Note: these prices refer to comic pages created for personal use/free distribution.  For work that’s intended to be published and sold—whether in print or as a digital file—send me a chat message (NOT an ask) or email me at and we’ll discuss the price based on the project (is it published by a big company or by one person with a Kickstarter account, are they offering to pay page rates, etc.)

However, if you’re commissioning comic pages to use as samples in a PITCH to a publisher or anthology, the prices above still apply.

For non-standard comic sizes (like a newspaper-style comic strip), or just one step of the process (just pencils, just inks, or just tones/colors), contact me and we’ll figure something out.

(Also, I’m pretty good at estimating page breakdowns, so if you just have a general idea that you want me to write and draw instead of giving me an already-written script, after a little plot discussion I can estimate the page count and price for you.)

More examples of my comic work can be found here.


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hi there, I’m Lu, 20 years old and from germany. I’m pansexual and gender fluid. I’m into comic books, tv shows like Hannibal and currently listening to MCR all the time.
And I like horror and gore aesthetics ✌

birthday prompt request

I’m old. Distract me!

I’m taking prompts for things to draw, probably this weekend-ish? Scenarios, snatches of dialogue, links to scenes in fic or headcanon posts you wrote … things with a bit of story or environment to them are especially great.  I might even comic something.

Would especially like prompts focused on Garak, Kira, Garak/Bashir, any ds9 femslash, and/or the ds9 crew as found family. (I’m predictable.) Banter, sexual tension and ridiculous hijinks are all favored themes …

Drop me an ask or a comment or a reblog, and I’ll see what I can do!  Thanks guys. <3