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So im making a lil comic where bakugou and kirishima are hero partners and they unexpectedly become pet parents 


But they aren’t together 👀 

(This takes place a little more than a year after they graduate from UA )

I may or may not make this digital idk

based off of this sketch I did a while ago


That, or a griffon-wrangler.

I love these girlfriends, who are trans, and in love.
(Each other’s girlfriends and also in a polyamorous relationship with Hawke, but they (Hawke) can join this conversation once they’re done looking for wyvern clues.)

Also as usual, recs for excellent mods more or less referenced:

Isabela: armor, bodyshape, curly hair
Merrill: armor, merribela mutual romance armors, default romance armor without boobplate, non-whitewashed skintone with retexture, non-whitewashed skintone without retexture