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Layla - In The Beginning

Ok, this isn’t great but I thought I’d put it out there. Please be kind!

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Being a Constantine isn’t easy. There’s a lot of people who think they know you. Think that you’re exactly like your father. In some ways you are. Some…. not so much.

Layla had no idea about magic or spells or even demons growing up. She grew up with a lovely mother and a normal life. She went to school, came home, did her homework and helped her mum. That all changed the day Layla’s mother died. She was lost. Like fate a book arrived on her doorstep, “To Revive the Light” it read.

Over the years this has been the book that taught Layla how to do magic. How to believe in magic. Even how to change her hair to the blue she loved. The blue she saw in her mothers eyes. There were rumours in the magic community about a a self taught teen who favoured fire in her work. Stronger then most at her age, John realised that this girl was a lot like him. So he investigated. She took him up on an offer to train. To better herself and her art. To help the mortal world protect itself and to one day see her mother again.

It was months before John even asked for her full name. It had never been needed, she was simply Layla or Kid. “Layla Constantine” she told him. “I know, John. It’s not the average last name. That’s why I don’t use it very often.” She said to his shocked face.

Another Constantine in the world. With his daughter by his side, John knew the world was in for a hell of a time.



Originally my plans for this blog was to make a comic based on my life, but writing a script and planning the story just didn’t work out for me, so instead of making a story, I decided to literally give you my life! 

If the strips didn’t make it clear; I’d like you all to ask me questions! 
It can be everything from trans related stuff to my opinion on an event currently taking place in the real world to if my shoe size makes me sad!

If you’ve been waiting out there for this blog to post something, I’m SO SORRY! but here YOU GO! 

Welcome to Boys will be Boys, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

- Addam

This is intro comic to a series of  mini comics I wanted to do about Soviet Union’s famine of 1921 and America’s relief efforts. 

So Hoover is mainly known for the depression but in the early 1920’s Hoover was seen as a very capable hard head humanitarian. He was the head of the ARA and was known as the master of emergencies because he he knew how to move men and food to helped feed millions starving in war torn countries. One of his greatest challenges was Soviet Union in 1921.  

One reason was that Soviet Union was weary about America’s intentions. They didn’t understand why America was suddenly giving them aid. Sure most of it was because ARA wanted to help those who where in need but Hoover also saw Bolshevism as wicked and  evil and did hope to use the food as a political weapon. So they where right to be suspicious.


Thar we go! Intro comic for the GF/OTGW Hogwarts AU, Caerulus Ignus. Note again that this au is NOT a full comic, but there will be a few short ones like these now and then, along with one-shots, sketches and full illustrations. This comic introduces the characters and basically starts off the 5-year story line I’ve got in mind. Grunkle Stan shows up eventually. Teachers at the Head table are not all present; there are less for time reasons XP (Big thank you to mah bestie Serina for linearting my pages 2-4!)


* no one there, it was just me…

* when everything was all black…

* i saw the word, ‘THE END’ above my head…


part 1

part 2

part 3

Quintilliontales intro comic, the au that I’ve talk about it before!

yeah I was finally figure out of the name, I named it Quintilliontales because a rubik’s cube’s possible configurations is over 43 quintillion! holy cheese that’s so much than I thought!

so each configuration is like one tale, so it’s not quintilliontale, but it is quintilliontales

I’m quite excited for making this au, time to work on it! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

My personal thought in this panel was: Here is your chance Marvel. Fix the supposedly Father/Daughter thing. Like make Vader see Padmé’s resemblance *now that he did kinda dug up the past, those memo have a chance of returning* and back off or simply for unknown reason NOT wanting to kill her. SOMETHING that proves there is a fuckin’ bond between these two. No matter how little, even if it lasts for one single second. THAT’S ALL I NEED.