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I’ve been picking which fan child should I do first sooo perhaps I shall share you one of my other favorite ships; Sansby~ I still need to look for the source that inspired me to do this but anyways :DD

I’m pretty happy about his outfit; I figured he’d always be semi-formal and casual. He probably works part time at his father’s bar to earn some extra cash and uh..share puns with customers lel~

He calls himself Ghost Rider sometimes, or Comic Rider(given by Impact cuz he’s a cute lil shit). The Amazing Papyton and him obviously get along very well <:

and I ended this with a stupid fun cause I’m a filthy sinner nyeheh~

Not my normal thing to do but I love following @m4dh4ttey266 ‘s amazing blog. Their art is amazing and so full of life. I also really enjoy their rendition of Undertale NextGen babies. This is the final part to part 1 of Impacts nightmare. I showed Maddie and they loved it! so I feel comfortable posting it up now!

Impact / Art © @m4dh4ttey266

Colors/ inks/ Text © Me~

Undertale © Toby Fox

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straight ppl complaining about the comic having no impact on lore and being a waste of time are so…. like did you forget about the Junkenstein comic… 

like beyond Tracer dating Emily we now know that Lena doesn’t need her chronal accelerator strapped to her chest at all times, Sombra knows Mccree exists, Torbjorn has kids and still hangs with Reinhardt, Hanzo doesn’t walk around with titty out all the time, Genji and Mercy still keep in touch, Jack has some mystery person from his past he misses, Amelie still mourns her husband, and Reaper has some mystery family he’s creeping on (sister or brother maybe?). everyone is still doing something beyond overwatch vs talon

like shut the fuck up there’s so much that’s revealed in this comic and everyone is already talking about it but you’re so triggered over Tracer to pay attention.


I cannot tell you how may times, Matt’s comics have me gotten through some really tough times.

Please, go check out his blog and other works of art.

Matt deserves to know how much of an impact his comics have had on my life and others.

We love you, Matt!


Cutebot - Me

Comic: @mattmcguigan    (Link tot the comic)


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I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!

The signs as fonts
  • Aries: Arial Black
  • Taurus: Helvetica
  • Gemini: Comic Sans
  • Cancer: MS Serif
  • Leo: Impact
  • Virgo: Lucida
  • Libra: Calibri
  • Scorpio: Papyrus
  • Sagittarius: Bradley Hand
  • Capricorn: Franklin Gothic
  • Aquarius: Wingdings
  • Pisces: Trajan

I like how Pacific Rim has given us the perfect way to describe all the different kinds of soulmates. It may refer to your best friend or the love of your life or your writing partner or maybe even your fandom buddy–someone who just gets you and knows how you think and fits perfectly into the space beside you: You’re drift compatible.

so how exactly did they think a cliffhanger would work?

comic fans are pissed because they ruined one of the most iconic moments.

there is no emotional payoff or ability to see the reactions of the others.

the victim is going to be super obvious the moment that filming starts up again.

and it is so, so obviously cheap. viewers don’t tend to like being teased like that. it feels forced and gimmicky, like a desperate attempt to boost the already monstrous ratings.

enjoy your backlash, guys. you’ve earned it! 


Take a shot for how many times Roy would be dead without Riza….

Wait no don’t do that, you’ll die.

arrow….has cast madison mclaughlin….as artemis….artemis crock as in artemis from young justice…half vietnamese artemis….artemis that is an icon to all of us woc because she not only overcame her dark past and family ties and paved her own path but despite being a non-canon character from the comics, left a lasting impact on whoever watched the show.