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I’ve been picking which fan child should I do first sooo perhaps I shall share you one of my other favorite ships; Sansby~ I still need to look for the source that inspired me to do this but anyways :DD

I’m pretty happy about his outfit; I figured he’d always be semi-formal and casual. He probably works part time at his father’s bar to earn some extra cash and uh..share puns with customers lel~

He calls himself Ghost Rider sometimes, or Comic Rider(given by Impact cuz he’s a cute lil shit). The Amazing Papyton and him obviously get along very well <:

and I ended this with a stupid fun cause I’m a filthy sinner nyeheh~


..Reigen were to encounter Mob in 100.2

__on an unrelated note___

y’all should check out @ruemilly ‘s brilliant mp100 fic, which is another(much more tear inducing) interpretation of what would happen if Reigen were to meet mob in the state he is in as of ch100.1. i cried


@florzo Thank you so much! I honestly love how many people describe my stuff as soft, its such a lovely thing to be associated with, like a cosy blanket or something <33

Anon- Ahh I’m glad you appreciate it! I think that feeling of wanting to sorta- retreat into your clothes is a thing that a lot of people can empathize with :’), I know I do it a lot on worse days.

@skulletons Thank you ahh, thanks for sticking with me and encouraging me, I wouldn’t do half as much if it weren’t for all the nice feedback!

Anon- Thank you!! I did have a good day ;), I dyed my hair to have a halloweeny white strip in it, so I can be spooky every day XD. I hope you have a good day too!

Anon- Thank you so so much, keep being you <33!

@falseprophet This is SO SWEET thank you?! I really hope your day went well, I know this is a bit late ;). (also that’s a bangin’ anders cosplay)

@mulletweeb bless you! Don’t let anyone stop you from experimenting, do what makes you happy dude <3

Anon- GOSH?? I can’t believe my scribbly comic had such an impact, bless you! Thank you so much, and I hope you have a good day!

okay but how did jim gordon feel about jason’s death?? didn’t he ever wonder what happened to the second robin?? when robin had been MIA for a while did he ask bruce what happened to the kid?? did bruce tell him?? did he figure it out on his own?? was he devestated? angry with bruce?? did he blame himself for allowing batman to bring a child out to fight in the first place?? i need answers

When I look back at Bendis’ career and impact upon Marvel and the characters I know and love I realize more and more he did far more to harm than to help.

His take on Spider-Man in in large degrees responsible for the ‘YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG Spider-Man’ fetish we’ve been been enduring for so long now.

His invention of Miles has erupted into fan wars which have served to tear down and denigrate the original character.

He invented what may well be the most worthless and shallow legacy character ever in the form of Riri Williams.

He eviscerated the Guardians of the Galaxy.

He destroyed the Avengers and sacrificed their central appeal in order to mark them the centre of the Marvel universe to the point where they are not only impenetrable to all but the most ambitious of fans, but he made being an Avenger meaningless because who ISN’T an Avenger anymore.

His take on Spider-Man in the Avengers further hurt the character and reduced him to a useless manchild who apparently liked being an Avenger and needed to be on most major formations of the team despite contributing NOTHING.

He brought Luke Cage back to prominence, which was a good thing (along with his relationship with Jessica Jones) but he sucked the personality out of Luke and rendered the character who whilst dated and cheesy, was ultimately charming because he was dated and cheesy. Now he’s just…bland.

He rendered Mary Jane out of character by putting her in the Iron books where she increased sales but also contributed NOTHING.

He began a fetish for sticking major characters from one franchise into another on the alleged premise that you can generate uniqueness from doing that and then failed to ever prove that to be true (see MJ in Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine as Avengers, Kitty, Venom, Ben Grimm, Carol Danvers and Iron Man as members of the Guardians).

Created Maria Hill who is just the fucking worst if you read her in…most things actually. Civil War and Standoff might be her worst outings ever but it’s not like those were OOC for her. Her value amounts to basically just being another notable SHIELD agent besides Nick Fury, but actually we’ve had plenty (more memorable) ones of those in the past.

He created precedents for MJ as a reporter (which is incredibly derivative of Lois Lane) and for Norman to be a mutated monster (which goes against the central themes of Norman wearing a mask) and for Spider-Man to be ‘a hero in training’ under the eyes of older heroes (again, not the point of Spider-Man).

He fucked up Wanda’s character by ignoring how her powers work, ignoring her history (he does this is ALL the characters he works on actually) and casting her character as mentally ill (which you could argue is more than a little sexist actually).

He treated Kitty Pryde as his waifu multiple times. She gets to date Spider-Man, become Star-Lord’s fiance (after a mere TWO YEARS of stories), become the new Star-Lord and beat Galactus.

He unmasked Daredevil, an idea derivative of older runs in the first place, but more poignantly created HUGE narrative problems for the character that he just ignored and left up to other people to clean up because he didn’t care.

He wrote some of THE WORST EVER Marvel crossovers and events and helped set the precedent for the indulgent event fatigue we’ve been enduring for over 10 years now.

Secret War: Cynical, overly dark and depressing bullshit storytelling that abuses the characters in the name of ‘realism’ and makes Nick Fury at least MORE of an asshole than he was. I’d evenargue it’s what turned Fury from a gruff leader of a government/military body who tried to do the right thing most of the time into a manipulative piece of shit asshole.

Avengers Disassembled: Requires a willful ignoring of how Wanda’s powers work and her established history. So fucked up that the Young Avengers guys needed to fix it via retcons in the infinitely superior Children’s Crusade storyline.

House of M: Same problems as above and he needed to kind of fix some of it himself 7 years later in another bullshit event. The event itself though REQUIRED the ‘heroes’ to be you know…UNheroic by deciding to just murder their friend instead of finding a better way. Fucked up Wolverine by just removing most of the mystery from him in ONE shot. Began the insufferable misinformation about Spider-Man really loving Gwen Stacy more because she was in his ‘ideal world’ during House of M. Turned Quicksilver into basically a villain. In fact the whole premise of House of M as an ideal world is never made any sense anyway. That’s how little thought Bendis actually put into this story.

Secret Invasion: A Battlestar Galactica rip-off

Dark Reign/Siege: You know how people incorrectly claim Norman Osborn rips off Lex Luthor? Let’s just wholesale MAKE him like Lex Luthor from the DC Animated Universe and the main DC universe during the time he was President. And also forget he has super powers. And also forget he’s Spider-Man’s Big Bad to the point where the story is more concerned with Hawkeye’s beef with him than Peter Parker’s. Meanwhile Spider-Man is robbed of his biggest villain for a prolonged period of time.

AvX: Heroes vs other Heroes AGAIN. Hooray. Haven’t seen that every year since 2004.

Age of Ultron: A confused, overlong set up to introduce and Image comics character into Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man 2099 into Superior Spider-Man and also set up Secret Wars.

Civil War II: Who hasn’t talked about what a turd this was? A bullshit false premise built upon everyone required to be out of character and also devoid of basic logic all in aid of ANOTHER hero vs hero fest that exists to tie into a superior film and promote Carol Danvers ahead of her own movie by tearing her down in the worst way possible. Also to set up Champions and Secret Invasion and make Miles Morales’ existence a way bigger deal than it should be for the ‘everyman’ character.

And then there is the precedent for decompression and writing for the trades. Not only is this frustrating as a reading experience but also harmfully impacts comic sales overall since it is so frustrating month to month and thus encouraging to just read the trades.

Bendis made Marvel a lot of money there is no denying that.

Bendis’ role in the Ultimate Universe might even have helped Marvel out of financial straits to a certain degree.

But from a creative POV, his impact upon the Marvel universe as a whole has been incredibly toxic and the sooner he fucks off the better.

Not my normal thing to do but I love following @m4dh4ttey266 ‘s amazing blog. Their art is amazing and so full of life. I also really enjoy their rendition of Undertale NextGen babies. This is the final part to part 1 of Impacts nightmare. I showed Maddie and they loved it! so I feel comfortable posting it up now!

Impact / Art © @m4dh4ttey266

Colors/ inks/ Text © Me~

Undertale © Toby Fox

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I like how Pacific Rim has given us the perfect way to describe all the different kinds of soulmates. It may refer to your best friend or the love of your life or your writing partner or maybe even your fandom buddy–someone who just gets you and knows how you think and fits perfectly into the space beside you: You’re drift compatible.

Of all the reasons not to support Sallicole as a ship that I’ve seen, I think the only ones that bother me are those that imply that having the two as a couple somehow drastically changes their established characters.

Because it doesn’t. At all. Same-gender attraction would not alter either Sally or Nicole as characters. It doesn’t change who they are, how they interact with others, the decisions they make, nothing. It would have about the same impact in terms of character development or story as any of the other pre-boot relationships that Sally has had, expect that it’s not straight.

And the implication that making them anything other than straight changes them fundamentally as characters and therefore alters someone’s opinion of the characters negatively really does bother me. 

There are elements that you find in a TV show that make the show what they are, and that became Oliver’s relationship between Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] and Diggle [David Ramsey] — one character that’s completely original in terms of John Diggle, an ode to Andy Diggle, who wrote Year One, and Felicity Smoak, who was plucked from the far reaches of the DC universe. Thea Queen [Willa Holland] also does not exist in the comics and I think that’s all stuff that’s important to remember.

Stephen Amell, talking about “Arrow” and the impact of comic canon in an interview with (X)

I’m glad Stephen is talking once again about the importance of Felicity Smoak and John Diggle to “Arrow.” Now, I would love to see a return of this focus on screen. If you have the time and you’re so inclined, do leave a comment in the article about the importance of the relationships of the Original Team Arrow as well as that of Oliver and Thea’s. Remember, don’t let yourself get distracted. Focus and talk about only what you love.

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