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I’ve been picking which fan child should I do first sooo perhaps I shall share you one of my other favorite ships; Sansby~ I still need to look for the source that inspired me to do this but anyways :DD

I’m pretty happy about his outfit; I figured he’d always be semi-formal and casual. He probably works part time at his father’s bar to earn some extra cash and uh..share puns with customers lel~

He calls himself Ghost Rider sometimes, or Comic Rider(given by Impact cuz he’s a cute lil shit). The Amazing Papyton and him obviously get along very well <:

and I ended this with a stupid fun cause I’m a filthy sinner nyeheh~


..Reigen were to encounter Mob in 100.2

__on an unrelated note___

y’all should check out @ruemilly ‘s brilliant mp100 fic, which is another(much more tear inducing) interpretation of what would happen if Reigen were to meet mob in the state he is in as of ch100.1. i cried

I constantly see complains about Batgirl/Barbara Gordon on her tags

On why she is the only Batgirl that gets the focus, why can’t she be Oracle again, blah blah blah. 

The why is very simple. Barbara Gordon was the one that made Batgirl BATGIRL. The very first Batwoman (1956) and Bat-Girl Betty Kane (1961, yes there was hyphen) were introduced because of gay concern between Batman and Robin. 

Batwoman was made love interest for Batman and Bat-Girl was for Robin. They weren’t written good and naturally they weren’t success and got dumped by DC comics promptly. 

Batgirl/Barbara Gordon was created in 1967 for the third season of Batman show although I believe she made her debut in the comic first. The show told DC comics that they needed female Batman. She wasn’t created as love interest for anyone but sadly DC feels the need to have her keep flirting with Robin. She was older than him at that time and DC had to keep de-aging her throughout the years so people don’t feel “odd” about it because god forbid a woman be older than the man. Anyways, 

She become popular and the rest was history. Batgirl is Barbara Gordon’s role just like the Flash would always be associated heavily and go back to Barry Allen despite Jay Garrick being the very first I believe. 

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl is the one people know and the one that matters because she made the role big and beloved. The Look of Batgirl came with her. There would be no Stephanie or Cassandra if it wasn’t for her and they only got that chance because of the killing joke and DC’s reluctance to put Barbara in the suit again so they had to fill the Batgirl role in the meantime.  

Thankfully, DC got over their reluctance and now Barbara is back in her role as Batgirl since the new 52 2011. Cassandra and Stephanie have to carve out their own separate role and ID if they want to have any impact in comic history and their fans should be wishing for that instead of bitching about Barbara Gordon and hoping she gets shot again and back in the chair so their chosen one (Steph or Cass) can be Batgirl again. 

I don’t believe that Barbara Gordon needs to go back to being Oracle. That needs to stay in her past. I can’t see her in the chair without thinking about the joker shooting her. I never saw Oracle as sustainable role. I saw it as something she had to do to put herself back together. I saw it as an arc for her and there is no reason she should lose the growing and development she had. Plus DC comics is place where people can come back from the dead, lose most of their body and be Cyborg and constantly get healed from broken bones/backs including Batman himself so I don’t see why Barbara couldn’t be healed. 

Now with Cyborg in the JL and everyone and their mom being able to hack like crazy, there is no need for Oracle. She would be used like she is in the Arkham games, being Batman’s secretary or in Birds of Prey directing others while they take the spotlight. Oracle worked in her time and I’m glad disabled fans saw inspiration in her character but I don’t see why that should hold the character back from moving away from TKJ in every way. Maybe DC needs to create someone new for that role or take characters that haven’t made name for themselves so they become associated and synonymous in that role. If DC shoots Barbara again and put her back in the chair, I think it’ll be gross and wrong and I find it disturbing to see people keep wishing that for Barbara Gordon. Some try to explain it away by saying that the joker doesn’t have to shoot her and she doesn’t have to be sexually exploited like that makes a freaking difference. 

So in conclusion, Batgirl is Barbara Gordon and Barbara Gordon is Batgirl. Others needs to find their own place in the comic and their fans need to realize that simple fact and stop trying to equate Betty/Cass/Steph’s time as Batgirl and their impact to Barbara Gordon’s. 

Not my normal thing to do but I love following @m4dh4ttey266 ‘s amazing blog. Their art is amazing and so full of life. I also really enjoy their rendition of Undertale NextGen babies. This is the final part to part 1 of Impacts nightmare. I showed Maddie and they loved it! so I feel comfortable posting it up now!

Impact / Art © @m4dh4ttey266

Colors/ inks/ Text © Me~

Undertale © Toby Fox

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There are elements that you find in a TV show that make the show what they are, and that became Oliver’s relationship between Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] and Diggle [David Ramsey] — one character that’s completely original in terms of John Diggle, an ode to Andy Diggle, who wrote Year One, and Felicity Smoak, who was plucked from the far reaches of the DC universe. Thea Queen [Willa Holland] also does not exist in the comics and I think that’s all stuff that’s important to remember.

Stephen Amell, talking about “Arrow” and the impact of comic canon in an interview with (X)

I’m glad Stephen is talking once again about the importance of Felicity Smoak and John Diggle to “Arrow.” Now, I would love to see a return of this focus on screen. If you have the time and you’re so inclined, do leave a comment in the article about the importance of the relationships of the Original Team Arrow as well as that of Oliver and Thea’s. Remember, don’t let yourself get distracted. Focus and talk about only what you love.

I like how Pacific Rim has given us the perfect way to describe all the different kinds of soulmates. It may refer to your best friend or the love of your life or your writing partner or maybe even your fandom buddy–someone who just gets you and knows how you think and fits perfectly into the space beside you: You’re drift compatible.

The signs as fonts
  • Aries: Arial Black
  • Taurus: Helvetica
  • Gemini: Comic Sans
  • Cancer: MS Serif
  • Leo: Impact
  • Virgo: Lucida
  • Libra: Calibri
  • Scorpio: Papyrus
  • Sagittarius: Bradley Hand
  • Capricorn: Franklin Gothic
  • Aquarius: Wingdings
  • Pisces: Trajan

gunsforhdns  asked:

hi! did you ever expect omgcp to actually gain such an active following on tumblr and even twitter? the impact your comic has brought is so extraordinary, there's so much fanart and fanfics and blogs just centered around your comic! is it kinda surreal how far you've come since the beginning?


I didn’t expect for this many people to care. I’m constantly amazed and honestly? Haha, a bit confused by it all!

I remember when I was first posting the comic, and I knew that at least 5 people were reading it. (Oh boy, you bet I checked those Tumblr notes like a fiend.) I wrote each of their usernames down in my notebook and would add a new username whenever someone else stumbled upon the story. I wasn’t super consistent with this practice but it was so exciting!  When I flip through my story notes from Year One I find so many random usernames.

And then, at a certain point, people started sharing the comic with their friends. LIKE, WITHOUT ME ASKING THEM TO. It was thrilling to see people feel so enthusiastic about this truly random story I was telling. I was blown away that people were that kind and that they cared that much to recommend/share/endorse/yell about a hockey-pie comic.

And then I’m pretty sure I called my sister the first time someone wrote–not quite a fanfic–but a something. Like an 100 word drabble about Bitty that was just a wee bit of transformative fandom.

And then, eventually I couldn’t use the #omgcheckplease tag on Tumblr because people were posting in it! Like, I got to see in real-time people making their own space to talk about the comic. Then the AO3 tag started to fill up. Then people wanted to chat about Check, Please! on Twitter. And then more and more people started sharing the comic right after each update. 

And then Jack and Bitty kissed– @_@.

And so, as the comic has grown to this point–and I see the fan pages and the fic projects and the fanart and the essays–WHEW. It’s a lot. (It’s only been three years.) 

I’m very thankful. But you know, you’re right, it is a bit surreal? I might never be able to wrap my head around it, how people can care so much, but I’m glad they do. Seriously. I used to be able to count you guys on one hand!

anonymous asked:

Hey I just wanted to say thank you because your art really helped me as i came to terms with who i am and started on the road to coming out. So thank you for everything

Thank you so much! We are always so amazed and humbled to hear about the positive impact our comics have on others. We hope that your journey is a safe and wonderful one <3


I cannot tell you how may times, Matt’s comics have me gotten through some really tough times.

Please, go check out his blog and other works of art.

Matt deserves to know how much of an impact his comics have had on my life and others.

We love you, Matt!


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