comic idek

What if
  • Ushijima: You should have gone --
  • Oikawa: I KNOW I should have gone to Shiratorizawa, I know, I get it, I should have gone to fucking Shiratorizawa you've only told me 800 fucking times...
  • Ushijima: -- to nationals.
  • Oikawa: What?
  • Ushijima: You should have gone to nationals, Oikawa. You were more than good enough.
  • Oikawa: ...Oh.

- Mattsun peacefully drinking coffee
- birds chirping because let’s make this fucking cheesy
- Makki tiptoeing over, wearing Mattsun’s shirt (#2 or sth idk??¿¿?¿?)
- surprise-hugs Mattsun
- he fumbles with his mug and almost spills the coffee
- Makki nuzzles his neck and Mattsun relaxes back into the touch
- hears a mumbled “Ma..”, blinks at him from the corner of his eyes and goes “oh?”
- [[Makki smirk™]]

- Mattsun introducing himself as “Machukawa” to Makki when they’re kids, because he has trouble pronouncing it correctly, fidgeting with the seam of his shirt 
- Makki thinks it’s funny (cute) and Mattsun blushes when he repeats it like that instead of saying “Matsukawa” properly

- Makki plants an unnecessarily loud smooch on his cheek, narrating it with “CHU”
- Mattsun caught by surprise, kinda startled (idk yet)
- Makki beams up at him with a mischievous look, exclaiming “KAWA!!”
- Mattsun just stares blankly at him for a second, for three seconds, until it hits him
- attempts to do the [[Mattsun Pokerface™]]
- has to turn his head away to hide the smile fighting its way on his face
- sighs in fake exasperation “It seriously took you over 6 years to come up with this?”
- “Still not as long as it took you to understand tho lmao”
- “u lil shit, c'mere”
- he grabs Makki by the arm still slung around his neck and pulls him around so that he can kiss him properly
- “No! Ugh, stop it with the gross, granny kissing sounds, Issei”
- “You started it, ‘Hiro”
- They keep laughing though (Makki’s giggling, and there’s fond chuckling coming from Mattsun) and eventually they have to break off the kiss
- When their laughter’s died down enough so that they can start kissing again they still feel the other’s smile against their lips

McCree goes and asks Jack for some advice, and I just. I really love blind!76 there’s so much material there.

(I have headcanons about the extent of his blindness and it’s probably not 100% and he can discern shapes and /shades colors but only really up close and his visor amplifies what he’s already seeing so that he can see it clearly. He also sees movement better than details so when he has his sights on you, he really does. )