comic homework

Happy Bowers Gang Headcanons

  • Vic’s the only one of the Gang who does and understands the homework.
  • “Homework, Criss? That’s not very badass of you.”
  • “You know what’s super badass? Passing the sixth grade.”
  • Eventually they give him their homework and he does it all for them.
  • He does Patrick’s homework in comic sans.
  • No one knows how but he does it anyways.
  • Belch’s mom loves them all. And Belch really loves his mom. She makes them all cookies and they have to pretend they’re not delinquents at the kitchen table.
  • She’s this single mom who’s plump and happy and always has an apron on her waist and a smile on her face.
  • Henry and Vic are like super uncomfortable and they just act really polite because good parenting is weird for them.
  • Patrick makes small talk and playfully compliments her. She loves him to bits and he gets maple candies.
  • Belch’s mom calls him Reginald and it’s really weird to everyone.
  • She thinks Vic is Henry’s girlfriend the first time.
  • Because he looks nice and he wears actually nice clothing sometimes and maybe it’s short for Victoria and he’s clinging onto Henry’s arm like a schoolgirl.
  • Patrick and Belch are actually dead from laughing and Henry goes bright red and Vic
  • (serious and apathetic Vic who never ever shows emotion)
  • Snorts a little and glances up from his food with a smile.
  • At school dances, girls hit on Henry a lot, but when they get rejected they go to Vic. Mostly because Patrick’s creepy and Belch is the nicest ever. But they don’t wanna make out with him.
  • Vic crossdresses once. It’s either homecoming or the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I can’t remember, it was ages ago.
  • Patrick still makes death threats to his friends, but Belch and Vic are just 100% done with it and they roll their eyes a lot at him.
  • “I’m gonna gut you so hard.”
  • “Patrick can you like not I’m trying to drive.”
  • When I usually talk about Patrick, it’s the slack-jawed blank-eyed child who takes pleasure from suffering.
  • THIS Patrick is the kind of guy who flips a water bottle and the dabs for the school talent show.
  • Henry stays at Vic’s house when his dad’s being an add. They may be teens, but they still make forts.
  • Henry sometimes takes showers at Victor’s house, and everyone knows, because he smells nice and flowery.
  • When Henry’s sad, they all wrap him in blankets and cuddle silently.
  • When Vic’s sad, they all hug him at once and tell him how pretty he is.
  • When Belch is sad, they all lay on top of him and watch a spooky movie and share popcorn.
  • When Patrick’s sad, they roast him.

someone suggested thor secretly visiting dizzee and i was like…. his parents work with hair for a living, they would Know ok

and then i couldn’t stop thinking about this comic by the amazing ngozi and then this happened 


I love that Dalinar basically ordered the Stormfather into bonding him and I’m really hoping that in the future the Stormfather will be just the snarkiest, most passive-aggressive dweeb to Dalinar ever.