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Here’s a cool find I dug up while gathering pieces for this week’s Alex Toth theme: an entire 8-page unpublished story with art and lettering by Toth, apparently intended for one of DC’s horror anthologies circa 1969, with a trippy Ditko / Dr. Strange vibe.

You can see from the dated stamps at the top of the splash page this gem languished in the National Periodical inventory file for years.  No formal writer credits, but since ‘Conway’ is written at the top of the splash in pencil, Gerry Conway seems the likely author of this tale, as he started his comics career with a published House of Secrets story in '69. 


For the most part comic books provide an escape. But the really good ones merely spotlight the harshness of reality. Instead of leading us on, telling us everything’s gonna be all right, these comics tell us the truth about ourselves. That we’re hopeless beings looking for meaning in this unfair world, and we’ll probably never find it.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #122 (July 1973)
Art by Gil Kane (pencils), John Romita Sr. (inks) & Dave Hunt (colors)
Words by Gerry Conway


Wait, what? - Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson/The Amazing Spider-Man and Spinneret

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4

Written by Gerry Conway @gerryconway

Art by Ryan Stegman @ryanstegman

Colours by Sonia Oback


“Do you still resent my protectiveness, Steve?”

“Yeah, I do – just a little. But I know now that it’s my problem, not yours. I love you, Angel. I never want to lose you. If that  means I have to change, then I guess I’ll change.”

This scene is utterly feminist and romantic and dreamy. Wonder Woman and her guy fit beautifully into her narrative. from Wonder Woman #285 (1981) written by Gerry Conway, art by Jose Delbo and Dave Hunt.