comic conventions

Bibbity bobbity boo!

I had my own fairy godmother this weekend at comic con. So magical.

☆TCAF 2017☆

Guys! I’ll be at TCAF next weekend as a featured guest and ready to sign Check, Please: Year Two!

I’ll be signing copies of Year One and Year Two, speaking on two panels, and will give a one hour talk at the TCAF Word Balloon Academy. (Check here for scheduling!)

  • 12:00 PM – Spotlight: Ngozi Ukazu – Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu has taken the comics world by storm. Its giant readership and successful crowd-funding campaigns show how the series has tapped into an audience that is hugely underserved by mainstream publishing. Come and hear Ngozi talk about her life in comics thus far, her plans for the series’ future, and what it like to have a small side project suddenly turn into a huge hit!
  • 12:15 PM – Sports! – Comics and…sports?!?! This pairing isn’t as strange as you might think! From diehard sportos to secret jocks, come and hear what these creators love about the wide world of sports!Panelists: Michael Nybrandt, Sonam Wangyal, Ngozi Ukazu, Jarrett Williams. Moderator: RJ Casey.

When I’m not signing or in panels, I’ll likely be wandering the show floor and hanging out around @mynameismad‘s table being a nuisance. But otherwise, I’m psyched! I can’t wait to see all of you guys! TCAF 2016 was an amazing convention and being welcomed back is an honor.


Crashed last night but thank you OZCC for the good times! I had so much fun tabling with @astrothecary crying and screaming over many things in particular the AMAZING NIGHTWING AND ROBIN COSPLAYERS THAT DROPPED BY OUR TABLE ON SATURDAY. I’M DEAD!! WEEKEND MADE!

Funny story… Saturday morning I got lost getting to the venue but I spotted a Robin Damian cosplayer and thought logically we had to be going the same way. So I followed him but I was walking pretty closely behind because I caught a glimpse of my Damian and Nightwing charms on his backpack (im crying). Naturally I was tweeting this entire experience.

By the time I finished setting up I checked my phone and saw the Robin cosplayer had replied to my tweet saying it was him I was stalking and before I could scream I looked up and HE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. He was totally sweet, I cried a little and he came back later with Nightwing.

The other funny part was my table partner was texting me images of a Nightwing cosplayer she was following to the venue as well. GUESS WHICH ONE SHE WAS FOLLOWING ^^^^^^^^^. So yeah had a great weekend!

Damian CN: badluckcosplay on IG
Nightwing CN: the_man_of_silva on IG