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Cosplayed today as a gender-bent Chloe Price from Life is Strange!!! It was so fun and for a last minute cosplay it turned out verrrryyyyyyyyy good!!! I’ve never felt more punk rock in my life.
Rumor: Warner Bros Looking To Release 3-4 DCEU Movies A Year
Following the smash success of Wonder Woman, many fans are wondering what exactly the future holds for the DC Extended Universe.

So I met Shannon Purser today at MS Comic Con. When Shannon asked my name for the autograph and I said Blake, she complimented my name. I didn’t shut up about it. All day, my friend heard me talking about it.

Later on, I went and told Shannon how much it means to me that she complimented my name. I explained I’m trans, and I don’t have the support of my parents or anything. They refuse to call me Blake, and then there she was, complimenting the same name. After I told her this, she hugged me and said she was proud of me, and I was pushing back tears. I legitimately almost cried. M

Shannon Purser is a literal gift, and I’ve never felt so blessed. This is the best convention experience I’ve ever had.

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Hey there! I was wondering if you were going to be at Denver Comic Con again this year?

Hello~! I will be at Denver Comic Con again this year and I cannot wait!! I will be at Artist Valley Table R08. <3 Not only that, but I will also be hosting my own “How to Draw Manga” panels all 3 days from 11:30am-12:20pm! So if you’re going to DCC please consider attending my panel to learn manga basics, character creation, and more!

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Guys. I. Cried. When. I. Met. This. Guy. I fucking cried and i love him so much. If you don’t know who C. J. Graham is…then get the fuck off my blog.
Aka…Jason Voorhees…he played as Jason Voorhees in my favorite movies…the sixth..aka Jason Lives……I love him..I cried…so much tears..he even said my hair was pretty…when I look at this picture I cry..cause I met a celebrity that I’ve always wanted to meet.
God is good.