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Thwip Thursday ❤️🕷 Pardon any silence lately on my social media. Been going through a lot and now I’m preparing for @comic_fest_aguada_con in Puerto Rico! I’ll be back to posting regularly soon 💕 #Spiderman #spidey #gwenstacy #marvel #thwipthursday #tbt #throwback #comics #cosplay #cosplaygirl #puertorico #aguadacon #comiccon #girlswithtattoos #nerd #geek #holidays #december #spandex #nmj #nicolemariejean #california #sandiego #curves #peterparker #avengers

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“You can’t resist me… No man can”
Man I’m having some major Con Withdrawals atm… And I’m probably not going to one till Wonder con Oh well, I’ll have to hold out…. Have some fun things planned with @wififorandiejay @scarlettsparrowcosplay and some other lovely ladies this weekend though, so look out for that.

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After setting my booth up at Paradise City Comic Con, I come back to the hotel to this.

What are you suggesting, Blueberry???

(Pillowcase can be purchased at my booth (A11 in Artist Alley. If you can’t make it, they’re on


Okay so I have a theory (I am probably 100% wrong)

But I was able to watch a clip from the recent comic con the cast was at, and Emeraude said something about one of them becoming demons.

We all know izzy is going on a dark journey this season.

In the recent promo it looks like izzy is fighting with a guy ,who I have a feeling is her brother. Reason being, he is pretty tall, and I swear I can see a rune on his neck at some point (again, im probably wrong)

And in the clip with clary, I at first thought it was a warlock, but looking at the hair, it might be izzy?

I think izzy is going to get possessed or something. Maybe aldertree has something to do with it?

Im just rambling but I am convinced izzy is going to be turned evil and that’s what part of her “fighting with clary and Alec” is all about.