comic cons


More cosplays at day 1 of DCC 2017!
There were so many awesome OW cosplayers, but I only got to take a picture of just 3 of them, hopefully I’ll get luckier tomorrow lol.

There were so many adorable goat mom cosplayers too! These 2 were some of my favorites.

Also love me some Luna Lovegood!

AND!! The compete Belcher family!

If you are one of the lovely folks in these pictures let me know so I can give some proper credit!!

So this was my favorite moment of today.

I’m standing chatting with radioactivepeasant and this dad comes up with his toddler girl. “Hey, can she get a picture with you? She’s just now wanting to get pictures but only with certain people,” he says and I’m like, who turns down an adorable little Wonder Woman?

So as soon as I crouched down to talk to her she sat right on my knee, beamed up at me, and said “Cheeeeeese!” SO cute.
I’m so glad I got to be a superhero she recognized.

(Face edited because she’s a tiny kid and I’m not posting her face without permission)

Got the privilege of meeting Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams, Rip Hunter and more) at comic con today :D, great guy. He was really exhausted as was I (I’m pretty sure… he had two coffees during his Q&A) so that explains why he probably didn’t feel the best when this photo was taken but OH MY GOSH!!! He complimented me on my cosplay. It was great :D


Today was the first official day of Dutch Comic Con. It was a tiring but fun day, I had to really take care of my Human some times but it really went well it seemed! I also met two people who Human told me are @thehillywoodshow with @hillyhindi and @hannahhindi ! I like cuddles so I liked Hannah a lot today~ They are not the best pictures but give quite an idea about today! (it was very crowded!)


Greenville Comic Con was a success!

Met up with @radioactivepeasant who had a pretty rad Luke Skywalker cosplay. Lots of people asked for pictures with her.
My punk Captain Marvel met with considerably less recognition but I was recognized!

I had no idea how amazing it feels to have someone recognize you as a character you admire. Cosplay rocks!