comic connections

i guess ms paint still has its uses


Quick drawings of Odd in his waiter uniform– ah… He ended up looking different from when I first drew him.  I showed my bf these sketches and he said that he thinks Odd is cute and that he’d give him a big tip. 8)))


Had to bring out the old tablet since my new one decided to stop working… This old tablet drew many Jasons in its day… so here is another one.


Guardians of the Galaxy/All-New X-Men 2014 - The Trial of Jean Grey

Scott: Jean!

Bobby: What was that?

Imperial Guard: Has she ever done that before?

Kitty: No. 

Hank: Is that the phoenix? 

Gamora: I think that is something else entirely. 

Rocket: Whatever it is, we’re winning. And this is the krutacking imperial guard, we shouldn’t be!

Disney should really bring back Sky High except, fuck that shit as a movie this time. Don’t do that, that’s a waste of everyone’s time.

You own ABC Family/Freeform, make that shit a teen show and put it on there. You own Marvel, give it a connecting comic line at the same time because like why not?

The idea is really good and would work better as a tv show anyways and superheros are the hot thing right now.

Do that shit.

Me: Did you know Erik Lehnsherr is faster than Peter?

Friend: Really?

Me: Yeah! Did you see how fast he abandoned Peter and Charles? Probably gave them both whiplash in the process


Check out this video of Tori and Neil Gaiman talking together recently at The British Library.