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     This was Wizard World Comic Con in Columbus, Ohio, and that day was basically 12 hours of unbroken mania.
     I was about an hour early getting in line for John Barrowman’s photo op and I was roughly smack in the center of the line. About fifteen minutes after we were supposed to start, John showed up with a megaphone to address the whole crowd and my heart may or may not have stopped for about three beats. He was just giving us some basic instructions and cautions, since he just had his appendix out maybe a week before: “I can’t lift you up, you can’t jump on my back– normally I would do that, but I’m still very sore.” And then, in typical John fashion, he added “Ladies over 18, if you want me to grab your–*makes boob shapes with his hand*– I will gladly do that– because it means nothing to me. Guys, if you want me to grope your–*gestures at the front of his flamingo shorts*– elsewhere, I will happily do that too.”
     I had been struggling for weeks about what exact words to use when I finally got to this moment, but when it finally came I started stammering like a little lost child. “S-sir, it’s an honor and a pleasure,” and I’m pretty sure my voice jumped about an octave on the last syllable. And you could tell he knew I was on the verge of hyperventilating because he very, very calmly said “Well thank you, sweetheart– just come right over here *puts his arm around me* and we’re both going to hold the hand, okay?” And I squeaked “Okay!” back.
     I turned into a stammering mess. But I HAVE NO REGRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT TO MEET MY FAVORITE COMPANION AND HE HAD HIS ARM AROUND MY WAIST!!!
     Right afterward my friends and I made a MAD dash for Catherine Tate’s panel (the line had made me miss David’s panel entirely, and by the time Wizard World even announced that Catherine Tate was going to be there I was too broke to afford a photo op– but dangit, I was NOT going to miss her panel!) But I only got to stick around for about half an hour, during which someone asked about working with CGI and Catherine made a BUNCH of Lauren Cooper quips) when I knew I had to go or the David Tennant photo op line would be unendurable.
      Newsflash: it was already unendurable. 5-to-600 VIP people were at the front of the line, and I got shepherded down to the third-from-last row of the 5-to-600 general admission/overflow. It. Was. Insane. HUGE shout-out to the Wizard World employees who kept coming back to those of us close to the end of the line to let us know that we WERE in fact moving– even if we stood in the exact same spot for 2 AND A HALF HOURS. But it gave me ample opportunity to talk to the other people in line, which I love doing, and seriously, considering that they had at least a thousand people to shove through that line, it moved quite quickly.
     When my turn finally arrived (poor David, you can see he looks frazzled!) I ran up and told him “Sir, it is an honor,” and you can’t begin to understand exactly how effusive he was when he shook my hand and said “Oh, thank you!” Those big brown eyes! That crazy hair! That DELICIOUS Scottish accent! But I was about to get shoved out the side so I quickly handed him my sign (”You’re going to hold this, and look exhausted, because we’ve just walked a REALLY long way”) and flopped down on the floor with my hand-in-a-jar to prop me up. He REALLY gripped my hand! No wonder all his companions run after him!
     If the “500 Miles” reference is going over your head, watch this video.

And that is how I got photographic evidence that JOHN BARROWMAN GAVE ME A HUG AND DAVID TENNANT HELD MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Catherine Tate at the Ohio Comic Con 8/5/17

DONNA FROM DOCTOR WHO!! She was great! There were quite a few VIP seats open at the front, so she told everyone in the back to move up into them. I was able to get a seat in the 4th row, bless her. She was really funny and entertaining. 

Met luke harper today and had him sign my drawing. He stared at it for a bit and then started giving me shit about how there’s so much grey in his beard. He gave me a hug and showed bray and was like ‘look at all the grey in my hair’ and bray was like 'that’s amazing.’

Btw. Luke surprisingly doesnt smell like sweat or anything. Quite nice, actually.


I went to WizardWorld Comic Con in Columbus Ohio this past weekend. Aside from the amazing vendors and artists there, I got to meet Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan. Who are both wonderful sweet angels by the way. But see, the universe was smiling on me or something because the first day of the Con the universe gave me a story that I seriously won’t ever forget in my life ever. So, here it goes:

I got through Lindsey’s autograph line, and she was wonderful and so so kind. (meanwhile the day before we were in an elevator together) I gave her my artwork I had made her, and she wrote on my signed photo that I’m talented and it made me real happy. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get to Eliza’s autograph line that day, but I did have a photo op with her later.
At the photo op, I showed her my Lexa tattoo (which she got excited about and there was some arm caressing) and we took a really hug-ey picture together. After that, a friend I had met in the line and I went to drop Merch off in her room and then in mine. We stayed and talked with my mom for a bit and then headed to the elevators to go back to the Con. While waiting I casually looked at my pal and said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be really funny if Eliza Taylor or Lindsey Morgan walked out of the elevator?” We shared a laugh, and then 5 whole seconds later…. OUT WALKS ELIZA JANE TAYLOR.

I somehow managed to excitedly say hi to her, and we spoke for a few seconds. I asked her if she wanted the art print I made her, not expecting anything to happen. She said, “yeah! Do you have it with you?” I didn’t. But my mother had sent me a text saying I had left my key in our room. So, I looked at Eliza and said, “Well.. No.. But it’s in my room down the hall, is that.. Okay?”
-dramatic pause-
Eliza said, “Sure! Let’s go get it!”
So, myself, my pal Hilary, and Eliza Taylor walked down the hall to my hotel room. I knocked on the door and all I managed to say was, “Uh mom… I have a surprise…” When my mom opened the door Eliza excitedly said hello, walked on in and gave my mom a hug. Meanwhile I was trying to catch my breath.
Eliza sat down on my bed and took off her heels. I looked for the art print, (which I will post later) and gave it to her along with a small raccoon plush. The print said, “What would Clarke Griffin Do?”
Reading it, Eliza said, “Wow! What would I do..?” To which I said, “I don’t know.. Pull a lot of levers?” To which she responded, “Oh yeah. I do that a lot.” Rolled her eyes and we shared a laugh. My mom offered her some little chocolates and she just sat in my hotel room and we talked about Sailor Moon, the Con, she told me little tidbits about her friendship with Devon Bostick, and living in Vancouver & L.A. She also got excited about me knowing who Candice is. (From her vines if you didn’t know) we took selfies together (the third photo) and then she went to her room after we said goodbyes and I told her I would be at her signing the next day.

Appropriately so, after she had left. I laid down on the floor for like three minutes and Hilary and were in disbelief.
Later that night we ran into each other again as she was going to dinner. Again, she gave my mom and I big hugs.
At her signing the next morning we talked a bit more and she thanked me for hanging out with her, & gave my buddy pal @damnlexa a shout out, and signed two photos for me. (The first started peeling after I got it for whatever reason)

So, after this whole weird, wonderful experience, I can honestly say that Eliza and Lindsey are both fantastic human beings. And anyone who says that Eliza hates her fans is just wrong. She is kind and sweet. She gave me so much time even though she had had a busy day at the con. She talked to me like a real person, not just another crazy fan. She was GENUINE. Lindsey Morgan was GENUINE. And I am still upset about 307 and everything Jason has done after that, but I will support these women & the other actors on that show.

Thank you and that is all.

P.s. @damnlexa & @fr3ight-train were the first and second people I told. It was important.

He told me I was his favorite hero and that I was so cool he had to show me his favorite rock/mineral he carries with him. I told him to always shower and brush his teeth and to listen well to elders. Otherwise he’ll grow up like wolverine which he wanted nothing to do with lol. I then told him as long as the rocks special to him he should keep it safe. And that’s how I made a friend at wizard world

“Cosplay is for Lovers” - Kurt/Blaine

Anon prompted: “please please please lord of the rings klaine”

mmkay so I received this prompt last millennium or something and didn’t know what to do with it. Nonny, I know for a fact that this is not what you meant in the SLIGHTEST, but while I appreciate LOTR I’m not actually into it enough to do a true crossover any justice, lol

So! Teeny lil’ 730 word drabble of Kurt & Blaine dressing up for Ohio Comic-Con or something? Wizard World Cleveland??? I don’t even know | AO3

“Kurt, I’m almost ready to go! The hobbit ears are so difficult, do you have your – oh. Oh, wow.”

Kurt turns away from Blaine’s bedroom mirror, tall and regal and imperious in a way that is naturally Kurt and only conveniently Thranduil, and hisses, “I am going to lose an eye trying to get this damn thing on my head.” 

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ravenclaw-weetzie promptedcon or midnight release cosplaying canon/shipped characters and friends/strangers ask them to take a pic together cause they “go together”

Klaine cosplayers with bonus Blam friendship

When the doorbell rings Blaine leaps up dramatically from where he was crouched on the bed taking pictures of himself to put up on Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr. “I’ll get it!” he shouts, racing down the stairs with extra flair, his short red cape billowing around him, skin-tight suit just as aerodynamic as he’d hoped, lands at the front door, opens it and spins and-

“Sam, what-” His cape droops, his silver headband slips down over his eyes. “You were supposed to be Hulkling!”

Sam raises his fist, gripped around an oversized foam hammer, and bellows, “Mjolnir!”

Blaine pinches at a sudden throbbing between his eyes. “You could have at least picked another Young Avenger, Sam! And now we don’t match. We look stupid.” He puts his hands on his hips, both of them in capes and spandex and Sam in a plastic armored breastplate and hat with wings glued on and spray-painted gold. “I’m Billy with no Teddy,” he says in exasperation. Ohio Comic Con is ruined.

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