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The way he looked at her, with naked adoration, affection, love and longing all over his face.

“Tears pressed against the back of his eyes as he thought of the girl he had shared so much with, who he had strongly reconnected with, who he was now hopelessly in love with” - Sound of Seas by Gillian Anderson
Devil May Cry 3 Lady Cosplay at Cherry Capital Comic Con | Grand Traverse Resort
Here's a very short bit of footage of me as Devil May Cry 3's Lady (with Kalina Ann) at Cherry Capital Comic Con 2016. Really, the video doesn't show very mu...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 

While this has absolutely nothing to do with mermaiding, this video is almost EXACTLY 1 year old. How did that happen!?!? 

It’s a video from my old days as a cosplayer… back when I cosplayed as Devil May Cry characters like Lady, Vergil, and Dante. I miss those days sometimes, but being a mermaid is pretty awesome too ♥ Unfortunately, I can’t make it back out to Cherry Capital Comic Con (in Traverse City, Michigan) again this year, but I will be going back there someday. Are you going to C4 this year or any other fun conventions this weekend? 

Honestly, I plan on just relaxing and MAYBE snagging my boyfriend for a bit if I can catch him when he’s not busy! Hahaha! (Oh, and I also got Mermaid Raina’s book, “Fishy” Business: How to be a Mermaid and may sit down to read a few pages.)

And in case you’re bored…

There’s a new video up on my channel about cosplay. It’s titled “What is Cosplay?” in case you aren’t familiar with the term. There are also loads of mermaiding and crafting videos to be found as well, so dig on in if you’ve got some time and no idea how to spend it! ;)

Thanks for reading this, and have a great holiday weekend!

2015 Memories - The 100

1)  I started watching a show that ended up being one of my absolute FAVORITES. This show owns my ass. And I couldn’t care less.

2) I fell in love.

3) I fell in love again.

4) I became obsessed with a ship that has basically taken over my life. I mean, just look at this fucking blog. 

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