comic con loki


Tom had been your celebrity crush for as long as you could remember.

And when your best friend surprised you with tickets to his Nerd HQ panel, you were more than excited.

Quietly, you both sat in your seats. You listened to every word that fell from his lips, falling more in love with him. He was even better in person.

Once the first round of questions rolled through, your best friend was called on right next to you.

And that moment, when Tom simply glanced over at you, he was taken aback.

Sure he has seen beautiful women all the time. Almost everyday. But no one had ever draw him in so fast. And he didn’t even know your name.

“Before I ask my question, my best friend here–” she motioned to you. “Is a HUGE fan of yours, and has been dying to meet you.”

You felt your body stiffen in that very moment, your stomach churned. What the hell was she doing?

“So I surprised her with tickets for the panel!” She cackled. “I think I win best friend of the year.”

Tom couldn’t help but smile, scooting to the edge of his chair. Watching you as you were a bashful mess.

“May I talk to her?” He asked, gripping the microphone.

She practically shoved the mic in your face, flashing a cheeky grin.

You wanted nothing more than to run away, but you couldn’t. Especially since everyone, including Tom, were now looking at you.

“Hello, love.” He smiled.

You felt your stomach flutter just from the way he looked at you. It felt like a dream, staring into his eyes.

“Hi.” You said quickly.

“Well I’m glad to finally meet you–” he paused, looking at you quizzically.


His lips curved even more, his eyes never leaving yours. “Y/N.” he repeated. “I’m glad to finally meet you.”

“You’re welcome.” You teased.

For some reason, Tom wanted to get to know you. To know your likes and dislikes. To find out all the little quirks you have and figure out your different smiles.

So he let out a deep breath, and pushed his nerves aside.

“Look, I’m not wasting any time.” He said. “Life is too short.”

You furrowed your brows, wondering where he was getting at. But you listened to every word.

“So how about you and I go out for some ice cream tonight?” He asked. “Get to know one another.”

Suddenly, everyone had their phones out. They were whistling and laughing, while some told you to say yes.

Though you were at lost for words, you couldn’t believe what was happening.

“What do you say?” He asked again.

Tom decided to go on his knees, spreading his arms out, holding back his smile.

“Say yes!” People began to chant.

Your best friend nudged your side, snapping you back to reality.

After all these years of crushing on him, here you were, being asked out by the actor himself. You almost felt like pinching yourself, it was too good to be true.

“Oh come on! He’s already on his knees!” Zachary Levi cackled, standing up in anticipation. “Don’t let the guy down.”

You let out a soft chuckle, nodding your head. “I mean, I guess it won’t hurt.”

Everyone cheered and laughed. Zach went on about how crazy that whole thing was and basically called himself Cupid.

But you were too occupied, trying not to freak out while you looked at Tom. Who sat on his chair again, looking down at the floor with the biggest smile. He couldn’t believe what he had done, but the outcome of it was worth the humiliation. He would do it all over again.

And suddenly you realized, you are going on a date with Tom freaking Hiddleston.