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Come see me at Asia Pop Comic Con 2017 (I hope I get a booth) and if I will get a booth,I’m gonna sell these keychains and also joining me will be @periiwinkl and @ruuuwu!

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I don’t know which Noodle was better so have her with and without the mask

7 years ago..

She was still living in CT, but she was able to come out to San Diego for Comic Con. I think the person she had come out here with bailed on her one night, so I told her to come eat food with the bromate, and I. I was the first person from tumblr she had met in person. She was so sweet, bubbly, and funny. She was a little bit embarrassed because she ordered a bud light. I didn’t care, it was all about the time. i was happy to meet her. She has been a friend for nearly 9 years. I am fucking just I don’t know..


So today my Belle cosplay dress for Cleveland Comic Con came in! I absolutely love it, and can’t wait to wear it out! If you’re anywhere around the Cleveland area you should be sure to check out Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con (it’s happening in February). It’s going to be amazing! I also had some help taking pictures from my little friend Scout :) 

 Something I did

That failed to be charming 

  Things that I said

Are suddenly swarming

Jared Leto- One Shot

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(y/f/n)= your friend’s name

(y/n) your name

Imagine meeting Jared Leto at comic con


‘This is so cool, I love coming here it’s full of weirdos like me!’ Say (y/f/n)

‘yeah it is” you reply


‘Dude why are we here again?’ Shannon asked his brother for what feels like the millionth time

‘Oh come one man embrace the weirdness’ Jared told his brother

‘But do we have to be the joker and frost?’

‘You got a better idea to attract an awesome new potential friend?’

Shannon mumbles something along the lines of no and sighs dramatically

‘So what exactly are we looking for?’


‘God wouldn’t it be so cool to find someone who dressed as the joker and is hot comes up to us?’

‘It would be cool, unrealistic, but cool’

You look to (y/f/n) with a smile on your face and slowly look around

‘By the way have I told you I am super jealous of how good you look as Harley Quinn?’

‘Yes, yes you have’

You look up and meet eyes with a pair of vibrant blue ones, you see that the guy you‘ve locked eyes with was dressed as the joker and laugh quietly to yourself. Your friend sees this and nudges you to indicate you should talk to him, knowing that you, yourself would never have enough courage to do it you take a deep breath and pretend you are brave like the queen of Gotham herself Harley Quinn.

You smile brightly and run with a skip in your step towards the joker.

‘Pudding’!!’ you squealed

‘I’ve missed you, I thought you had business?’

Jared smiles, a curious smile, but a smile none the less and goes along with the act.

‘Well doll face business finished early so I thought I might surprise you. SURPRISE!!’

You giggle with excitement, screaming yay and flinging yourself on to him and jump into his arms, your arms around his neck

Both men are shocked

You pull back and looked towards someone wearing a batman mask and say

‘Hey frosty, Mister J hasn’t been too harsh on you has he?’

Shannon turns towards his brother after chuckling to himself and telling him

‘Marry her’

You blush and try to calm yourself down this isn’t something you really do and for that to be blurted out so bluntly in front of you was just crazy.

Jared chuckles and decides to break character to properly introduce himself.

‘Hey I’m Jared’ he looks to you expectantly

‘(Y/n)’ you mutter back slightly shy

‘Nice to meet you (y/n)’

Shannon coughs obnoxiously loud, breaking your and Jared’s little moment

‘Shannon’ he introduces himself

You start to think why those two name together are familiar to you

‘Oh cool Jared and Shannon, like the Leto brothers? That’s cute’

Jared and Shannon turn towards each other slowly going from disbelief to amusement.

You see this and start to realise your mistake of course the only joker that actually looks good in this place would be the guy who played him and of course he would take his brother they are practically inseparable.

Before you can say anything a couple of people ran up and asked if they could get a photo with the joker and Harley Quinn, Jared already used to this type of thing, immediately says yes, you however were a little hesitant but after looking into the little girl who wanted the photo eyes you immediately said yes.

After the photo you both look to each other and smile but the little bubble was yet again popped but this time by (y/f/n)

‘Hey (y/n)!’ she says suggestively, you groan and role your eyes knowing that this can’t be good, before (y/f/n) has the chance to get to get to you and talk you turn towards the brothers and frantically whisper

‘Don’t listen to anything that comes from her mouth’

Hoping that your friend doesn’t say anything that will embarrass you in front of the Leto brothers.

‘How’s it going girl?’

‘You did not just say that’

‘I did it and I’m proud of it’

‘Are you, are you really?’

While this conversation was going on the brothers were getting more amused by the second what stopped (y/f/n) and you from your little argument was chuckling which turned into full blown laughter, you both slowly turned to face the brothers who looked to be in tears from their laughing.

At the same time you and (y/f/n) both say


Which you then turn towards each other and glare which also sends the boys into another fit of laughter.

You decided to let your Harley Quinn side come out. ‘Maybe they will stop laughing if I start flirting with one of them, let’s see their reaction.’

‘Pudding’ stop laughing at me or else I won’t give you a special present tonight’ that shut them right up

Both of the brothers have gobsmacked expression even (y/f/n) seemed shocked by what you said hell even you were shocked. Although you don’t have time to correct yourself because Jared gets back into joker mode.

‘Oh doll face that’s cute you think you have a say in what we are going to do’ Jared says with an evil yet sexy smirk

‘How is it that you can look so damn hot but be so damn evil at the same time?’

As a reply all he does is smirk at you and wink.

Part two?

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I need to share this I saw Sean Austin, aka Bob Newby, a few months ago in the Netherlands at Amsterdam Comic Con, and I'm sad that he probably won't come here any more, because I loved his character on st 2!

I’m gonna be upset too but Sean Astin is always gonna be Lucy’s athletic brother from 50 First Dates to me

Entertainment Weekly: You mentioned not telling your parents when you were cast.  It’s a big responsibility, it must be daunting. Is it kind of scary facing that big, fervent fanbase?

Boyega: It’s not. It’s not scary coming here. I mean, I’ve done Comic-Con before with Attack the Block, and one thing that is universal is the absolute passion that all these fans share. You’re going into a place that’s going to be crazy, and to be honest, I’m going crazy because I’m a big Star Wars fan! We’re all going crazy and we all can’t wait for the film to come out.