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types of marvel fans i have seen on my dash during my time as a marvel fan
  • type 1: really love loki to a disturbing degree. probably joined around the time the first avengers movie came out. are rare nowadays but you occasionally still see one and cringe a lil bit but u do u fam
  • type 2: think the winter soldier is one of the greatest films ever made. would literally take a bullet for bucky barnes
  • type 2a: people who enjoy steve rogers (just kidding, this is everyone)
  • type 3: people who are in love with our lord and savior peggy carter
  • type 3a: people who are in love with our other lord and savior sharon carter
  • type 4: the guardians of the galaxy-ers. i'm pretty sure they're high like at least 40% of the time when they're not making fantastic edits
  • type 5: the Tony Stans™
  • type 6: the deadpool fans. interestingly probably the most respectful of the bunch
  • type 7: the comic book fans. always good for a good movie/comic comparison thanks guys
  • type 7a: the fraction!hawkeye fans. would die for kate bishop and think clint barton is A Mess™ (he is)
  • type 8: the Netflix Fan™. the only people capable of being adults here
  • type 9: never in my five years on this site have a seen an exclusively thor blog. but they must be out there. they must
  • type 10: people who have seen uncle ben die like three times too many. stop making origin stories for spiderman
  • type 11: people who needed the black panther movie yesterday (just kidding, this is also everyone)
  • type 12: people who would let natasha romonov kick them in the face
  • type 13: people who do not enjoy brucenat (just kidding, also everyone)

I actually like the “As the Crow Flies” Scarecrow to a certain degree.  He’s pretty beaten down for most of the story (all of New Earth Batman got to him by that point, I guess) but he has his moments and awesome body language.

Anyway, the only thing that kind of bugged me was how over inked his face appeared.  I felt all the lines made him look really strange so I just cleaned him up a bit.  I also shortened his hair and straightened his glasses for funsies.

  • ACTION COMICS #40 inspired by BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, with cover art by Joe Quinones
  • AQUAMAN #40 inspired by FREE WILLY, with cover art by Richard Horie
  • BATGIRL #40 inspired by PURPLE RAIN, with cover art by Cliff Chiang
  • BATMAN #40 inspired by THE MASK, with cover art by Dave Johnson
  • BATMAN & ROBIN #40 inspired by HARRY POTTER, with cover art by Tommy Lee Edwards
  • BATMAN/SUPERMAN #20 inspired by THE FUGITIVE, with cover art by Tony Harris
  • CATWOMAN #40 inspired by BULLITT, with cover art by Dave Johnson
  • DETECTIVE COMICS #40 inspired by THE MATRIX, with cover art by Brian Stelfreeze
  • FLASH #40 inspired by NORTH BY NORTHWEST, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz
  • HARLEY QUINN #16 inspired by JAILHOUSE ROCK, with cover art by Dave Johnson
  • GRAYSON #8 inspired by ENTER THE DRAGON, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz
  • GREEN LANTERN #40 inspired by 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, with cover art by Tony Harris
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #40 inspired by FORBIDDEN PLANET, with cover cover art by Tony Harris
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #10 inspired by MARS ATTACKS, with cover art by Marco D'Alphonso
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 inspired by MAGIC MIKE, with cover art by Emanuela Lupacchino
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #40 inspired by BEETLEJUICE, with cover art by Joe Quinones
  • TEEN TITANS #8 inspired by THE LOST BOYS, with cover art by Alex Garner
  • SINESTRO #11 inspired by WESTWORLD, with cover art by Dave Johnson
  • SUPERGIRL #40 inspired by WIZARD OF OZ, with cover art by Marco D'Alphonso
  • SUPERMAN #40 inspired by SUPER FLY, with cover art by Dave Johnson
  • SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #17 inspired cover by GONE WITH THE WIND, with art by Gene Ha
  • WONDER WOMAN #40 inspired by 300, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz

Okay but these two would get along so well and you know it.


  • They both can’t die… and yet they’ve been dead before
  • They both have superhero identities
  • They both like video games
  • They both like the ladies (which is weird, considering one of them is a fourth grader…)
  • They both always get the short end of the stick
  • They both get hurt constantly, which their friends/teammates brush off or forget about
  • They both grew up in abusive households
  • They both are comedy characters but often deal with serious issues
  • They both have soft spots for that one kid in their lives they want to protect (Deadpool’s daughter Ellie/Kenny’s sister Karen)
  • They both like to dress femininely sometimes
  • They both like to cover their face
  • It is debatable whether they have noses.

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Man I don't know how to tell you this without sounding rude but your Sans is really ooc, like Megalovania mode isn't his only mode and even if it was, he still displays his two core traits of being lazy and comedic while fighting the person that killed his brother. You Papyrus is pretty good but the Sans isn't even the same character.

You know, I AGREE! Sans from my UT Mob AU is OOC compared to the game. I used to be really worried about this (as I like to keep characters as canon as possible), but came to accept this fact because of two reasons: first, I believe much of Sans’ lazy and nonchalant attitude stems from “giving up” due to resets that he cannot control (or at least amplified because of it). Since there are no time shenanigans in my AU, Sans needs to care more than he would like. Second, this story focuses a lot on Sans’ point of view, so it’s a bit hard to keep him mysterious.

I do get what you mean though! I tend to cringe when characters become OOC without some sort of reason. XD

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How do you feel about Loki in the current Thor comic? Specifically in comparison to Agent of Asgard Loki

There’s a game being played there. It’s amazing that Loki resisted the inevitability of becoming a villain again for this long (and one of my favourite touches in JiM was his awareness of the metaphysical weight of his history meaning it WAS inevitable), but this shift is being played with juuuust the right touch. He postures, but he’s not enjoying himself. There’s a quiet story happening - when Aaron’s Thor run reaches it’s tipping point I reckon Loki will have a big hand in it.