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I’m really starting to like Cass’ friendship with Clayface.

Detective Comics #953 offers a close look at Cass trying to cope with who her parents are and it’s heartwretching, especially with how it appears she was clinging to the belief there is a mother out there who loves and misses her, when being subjected to David Cain’s training. And now it turns out her mom is Shiva, who continues razing Gotham City and now sent assassins to murder Batwoman. I really liked Clayface trying to help Cass deal with it, it was clear before that she feels compassion for his struggle, but it’s really heartwarming to see it works the other way around as well. Bruce also tries to help, in his own way. And I like it – he tries to stop Cass from confronting Shiva again, but doesn’t fight her, just tries to talk and lets her let her anger out, even if it costs him getting his ass kicked. He is trying and I think this approach might be the best one. I mean yeah, seemingly it didn’t work, but then, when Cass confronts Shiva, she refuses to fight as well and instead tries to talk, even when mother kicks her ass again. In that Cassandra pretty much proves Bruce’s point that David and Shiva being her parents don’t define who she is – because in that scene she proves to be much more like her adopted father than either of them.