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How to Print and Price your Stuff

The main example used here is posters (and other print items for simplicity sake), but I do mention other items and what I talk about here applies to pretty much all produced products (posters, mugs, key chains, bookmarks, comic books, etc.)

Here’s some advice based on my own experiences and research.

General Pricing:

8″x10″ posters are usually at least $10 and up. Posters Larger than that are usually at least $15 or $20 and up. 

For a larger poster $45 can be perfectly acceptable especially if the content is particularly fantastic or detailed.

The exact amount really depends on you, art level, size of poster, printing costs, printing method, etc. Don’t under price your art, but don’t expect to sell a lot of and 8″x10″ print for $50 a piece unless your art is really frickin’ spectacular.

[Original art (not a print, an original, like a physical painting or sculpture) are a different story. Original paintings and the like can go for larger amounts, but your only selling the individual painting once. This will focus more on production of multiple prints and copies.]

Selling Factors:

How do you plan on selling these? For physical copies, if you’re not going to be at a convention or booth, online there’s

Shipping cost

to consider. Will shipping be an added on cost or will the poster price be higher and shipping free? (If you’re doing free shipping make sure to put that where it’s well visible. People always like free.) Also make sure to account for overseas shipping which can be way pricier.

Also consider deals.
Buy 2 get 3rd 50% off can help encourage people to buy more and raise your sales, but you have to willing to sell your product for that price. Other deals that are common are Buy $X or more and get free shipping, Buy X# of products and get free commission doodle or bookmark or other little trinket (doodles can be requests that you post on your blog rather than physically ship), Buy full set for $50 (instead of the $60 it would cost to buy them all separately), and other things in this vein.


Are you going through a site where you never actually touch the product (ie. RedBubble) or are you handling all the printing and shipping yourself?

Online Sites and 3rd Party Vendors:
If your going through a site that handles all the production and shipping it can be good since it’s very hands off. On the payment side though here are some question you need to check:

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tfw your kickstarter hits over 200% of it’s goal in the first half of the campaign. no, but seriously guys, thank you SO MUCH. 

this is actually part of an illustration that will be apart of the prologue for the book. right before harry has his queer realization. it’s going to explain how harry, ron, hermione and draco return to hogwarts after the war for their “8th year”. 

captainofthestars  asked:

Hi, I wanted to ask you a question! Your monsters are all A+ Super Cool, how do you design them? Like, do they start out as rough ideas/sketches you refine, or do they come out entirely as they are? Do you ever design characters by going like "ok I want a dude made of sugar, here's a few different concepts for that" or do you typically know what you want? Sorry if these seem like odd questions, I just really admire you and would like a look into your design process ^u^

Thank you very much, aha dang! Good questions, sure I can go through my thought process, its not super impressive or drawn out at all, but it’s what works for me and others.

  • For any character it all starts with a rough idea/concept. Usually my characters are based off of one or more particular animal/shape/object/theme, etc.

It takes some experimenting to see which things mesh together well, or what can be mixed together to make something different and creative.

  • And then from there I start to gather more resources to draw inspiration from. These resources could be from online, comics, books, TV shows, movies, real life, personal experience, other artists, etc. anywhere. 
  • It’s a good idea to stockpile pictures and links into folders so you can look at them later. Who knows! You might find something you forgot about and then want to use in the future.

Your example: A character made of sugar

  • Simply by googling “Sugar” I’m given an array of good reference pictures, and the ideas already start to pop up. If I were to go with a Sugar approach, I’d probably throw in some sugar cookie and candy heart inspiration~ (because I really love sprinkles and bright colors~)

The whole process for me is: think of a starting theme (ex. sugar), google references and inspiration, look in other media for other traits, use references + inspo to draw a rough-draft, pleased with draft = finalize design.

Once the character is designed they are open to changes and tweaks down the road. Remember! It’s okay to update your character’s design. The first drawing of them doesn’t mean their appearance is set in stone.

Maybe like? 80% of the time I already have an idea of what I want. After I see a couple pictures my imagination kicks in and I start drawing out the rough draft.

And it’s fine to not know exactly what you want at first. Be open to inspiration from surprising places! And as always: Keep practicing, show everyone what you can create~!  👍👍👍

Every year at the end of the year awards banquet we have for my school choir, each student gets a superlative written by the president and vice president of the choir. Due to my constant talking about the Flash and Batman and Robin and a bunch of other superheroes this year this was my superlative (which is scary accurate):

“Most likely to be reading a comic book.”

(They left out “-online since she’s too broke to afford to buy one.”)
Shizana Comics
Stories from featuring an alien space cop! By Rhimwill Click to read in chronological order Main art blog

Tumblr’s image displaying capabilities are not the best for multi-page comics, so I’ve organized all of Shizana’s comics into their own tumblr to display them page-by-page!

I’ll still post finished comics to this blog, but for an easier to read format, follow this new tumblr!

(When I post pages to the new blog I will have them released a few at a time over the course of several days rather than batch-posting them to avoid being spammy)

anonymous asked:

When you have time would you mind post the scans of Newsflash from the recent Flash comic? Iris had some great moments this issue

Sure! If you like it, buy it at your local comic book shop or online at Comixology

Barry’s of course late to the birthday party Iris throws him, because he’s been so stressed thinking about Thawne that he forgot:

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Jashi AU:

This where the final ep of season 5 came to the end. Jack releases the lady bug but the lady bug finds a strange black hand appearing.I like to think that sense Aku did give Ashi the same powers as him does that mean she could regenerate? I know Aku is gone but let’s think it as this…Ashi is the new Aku.
Maybe I might make a comic book online…

All of Samurai jack belongs to Genndy Tartakovsky

There is of course this weird ass dichotomy with Dan Slott.

In that the mass opinion of him as a writer is that he is both talented and a pretty upbeat nice guy. And then the opinion of the minority who actually you know, pay attention to what he says, what he does and bothers to think about how he totally made Doc Ock was a creepy rapist, know that he is neither of those things.

But you know what floors me? It’s when people who like his work but obviously don’t look too deeply into it (let alone his conduct off the page as it were) honestly don’t get why he is an asshole.

And to that I suggest you sum it up to them like this:

Dan Slott is the guy he will wag and point the finger of accusation at anyone who doesn’t use their real name online or who reads comic books online illegally.

Dan Slott is also a guy who got his foot in the door at Marvel and consequently rose through the ranks to prominence because he literally committed fraud and lied about his age to get an internship position. 

And the only reason he wasn’t fired and consequently blacklisted was because he was let off the hook with a stern warning from the Editor-in-Chief who’s contributions to Spider-Man he would in later life tarnish in his run on the character and would publicly criticize.