comic books are awesome

anonymous asked:

How do you get a whole generation interested in comic books? Make awesome movies like Ironman and then the Avengers. Fuck yeah marvel make them movies. How do you get an entire generation to stop reading your flagship comics? Make everything Nazi when that same generation is waking up politically due to trumps America.

It is seriously tone deaf towards their readership, not to mention socially irresponsible and just plain bad writing.  If the best story you can come up with is a Man in the High Castle rip-off, then maybe go back to the drawing board.

Boys who collect stamps. Boys who read comic books. Boys who play video games. Boys who love science fiction and fantasy. Boys who tap dance. Boys who love computers. Boys who are interested in all the stuff people call “nerdy” or “geeky.” It’s the things you love that make you who you are and you are awesome.