So, I’m at a crossroads of sorts. You see…I want to make Midnight Tiger a regular series and many of MT’s fans WANT to see it as a regular series, but the sales were pretty low (below 1500) for the first 2 issues and it costs me money I don’t have to produce it. My dream is actually to draw and write Midnight Tiger until I physically can’t do it anymore, but I need a means to pay my team and pay my own bills REGULARLY so that I can keep the book going. Otherwise, the series will be over in a couple of issues. Friends of mine have been recommending I use Patreon so that fans of Midnight Tiger and the rest of my work in general could subscribe between $1 to $5 a month at most for exclusive regular content. No large big project donations, no shipping requirements, just making sure they get all the MT they can stand in addition to cool stuff only subscribers can get.

At this point, I’m on the fence about it. At minimum, it takes about $1000 an issue for colors and letters and around $800 for me to take care of my own monthly living. So, I’m not sure that Midnight Tiger has a large enough fan base to support this from month to month. I would need about 400-500 patrons with a $3 subscription minimum to pull it off. I guess I don’t ACTUALLY know how many MT fans there are! LOL!

Lots to think about.


THIS IS A THING THAT HAPPENED. Was (femme) Spider Jerusalem at emeraldcitycomicon, met Darick Robertson. Happiness ensued!
Liziferous Cosplay