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Elon Musk wants to create ‘superhero astronauts’: SpaceX hires Marvel costume designer to make a spacesuit for Mars
The billionaire recently hired Marvel costume designer Jose Fernandez. The California-based designer is better known for designing costumes for films such ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

Mars astronauts could look more like superheroes - at least, that’s if Elon Musk gets his way.

The billionaire recently hired Marvel and DC movie legend Jose Fernandez to design a spacesuit for his firm, SpaceX.

Fernandez is better known for designing costumes for superheroes in films such as ‘Batman vs. Superman’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

Fernandez took inspiration from Musk himself, when creating the costume for Iron Man, as Tony Stark is modeled on the billionaire.

A Tested video and a Bleep interview recently revealed the Fernandez is designing a ‘stylish’ and ‘heroic’ alternative to Nasa’s Z-2, spacesuit design.

Engadget reports that we are unlikely to see the suit until sometime in the next year.

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964-68) and a woman (1966-67) also from the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement; comic books circa 1967. If this bears a resemblance to James Bond, you’ll be interested to know that Ian Fleming actually was a consultant on the show… and one tentative name for the show was “Ian Fleming’s Solo” (after the lead character but there was a Bond villain by that name so it would have been confusing).

The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. may have only lasted one season, but apparently the thought of Stefanie Powers as a secret agent wasn’t too farfetched because many years later she played a playboy-turned-detective in Hart To Hart, which lasted for 5 seasons.


This year, with blockbuster season winding down and schools opening their doors, Marvel is giving its superheroes a new assignment. The publisher has unveiled the last of five special covers featuring disciplines that guide school curricula nationwide — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, also known as STEAM. It’s part of an effort, the company says, to encourage young readers to double-down on their studies and explore fields said to lead to better jobs.

A Hero For The Arts And Sciences: Upcoming Marvel Covers Promote STEAM Fields

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I think it's really cool that Wakanda is more technologically advanced than western nations. Can you post some neat examples of Wakandan tech?

Sure can! Related to some movie rumors going around right now, there’s the “Sonic Forge”. Among other things, it’s capable of fusing Captain America’s shield back together at the sub-atomic level.

Next there’s the N’Yami Cruiser. This amphibious craft can fit over 150 people as well as a few smaller planes. Supposedly there are many of them hidden in various bodies of water around the world. But good luck getting the Wakandan government to tell you any more about that.

Speaking of things that fly, there’s also the “Skybike”! This one kind of explains itself.

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-We Are Wakanda

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