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Besides wearing his hair down, how else does Olly like to style it? And is only one side of his head shaved or both?

Olly only has one side of his head shaved ^ u ^  he sometimes wears a bun or a ponytail, and parts it the center if he hasn’t washed it for a while haha


Just got my new prints order in! Printed some that have been waiting in queue for a while and refilled two that I used for promotion at Emerald City con!

These can be purchased here and are currently 25% off ->

Prints are the best way to support my art and get me front and center at conventions!


Karma / 11x17 inches, colored pencil & acrylic ink on Bristol paper. Now for auction in my eBay shop.

One of the five original New Mutants, X'an Coy Mahn (better known as Karma) was created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, and first appeared in Marvel Team-up #100 (published in 1980).

X'an (pronounced “Shan”) was a Vietnamese refugee whose parents had died on their way to America, and she was briefly forced to use her mind control power in service to her uncle’s illegal business dealings. This was short-lived, as to protect her younger siblings she sought the help of a Catholic priest and eventually Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

Richards put her in contact with Charles Xavier and X'an became a student of his School for Gifted Youngsters in MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #4: THE NEW MUTANTS (published in 1982).

And that’s just where her story begins…


Today was the first day in a long time where I actually drew w/ pen and paper for more than half an hour. I was invited to be an artist to draw sketches for kids at the Berkeley Library North Branch for #FreeComicBookDay, with my friends @umicorms and @redgoldsparks. I probably spent too much time on each drawing, lol. I really how these turned out, though, so I made sure to take a picture. 

First one is Chell from Portal 2 and I spelled Aperture wrong :( “APAture” is an Asian American arts festival I participate in and they’ve ruined my brain with that spelling :(

Second one is a woman gardening.

Looking at these now there are egregious anatomy and rendering problems I wish I could change but oh well.