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Devil Spy Book One
Devil Spy is a webcomic about a teenage human animal hybrid in a world where humans were wiped out by war.

Hey everyone! The Devil Spy Book Kickstarter has raised over $700! Hot dog! Thank you SO MUCH everyone who’s backed the book so far! I really hope we can get up over the $1000 mark this weekend, fingers crossed! Thanks everyone for your generosity and please continue to spread the word where you can! I can’t wait to make books for you all! Just need some more backers so we can make it to the goal!


Our comics critic Glen Weldon says he fully intended to review Love is Love, the new anthology of comics in response to the Pulse nightclub shooting.

I went in equipped, as always, with the Three Questions every critic keeps scrawled across their frontal lobe: What does this project set out to do? Does it accomplish that task? Is that task worth doing?

Ten pages in, I realized how very much, for this particular project, those questions were completely beside the point.

Read the whole piece here.

– Petra


My first book has just come out in a brand new fancy edition. Big lovely pages, a new cover, bonus material. Read the story of Lars and his sister Maja as they try and wait out a three year long winter in their massive and seemingly endless home. 

Now’s a great time to grab a copy of The End of Summer, which you can get directly from me. 

Our new graphic novel launches soon! Written by Diogo Bercito, Illustrated by me and the book was put together and print by Arthur Vergani.

This first edition is in Brazilian Portuguese, but we are already translating it to english and french. 


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Wires & Nerve, a Lunar Chronicles Graphic Novel!

Wires & Nerve, written by Marissa Meyer and illustrated by Douglas Holgate follows Iko, the beloved android from the Lunar Chronicles, on a dangerous and romantic new adventure – with a little help from Cinder and the Lunar team.