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@white people who are upset about “blackwashing” i am personally sorry that we keep destroying your vision of a character

its not like

yall ever


something like that



in history

that wouldnt make sense

seems pretty ridiculous

but that doesnt happen ever

but yea sorry for black annie and the human torch


a new post this time since not everyone has seen the reblogged additions on the last one and i cannot resist sharing these hellacious memes


Comic Book Meme; [2/5] Favourite Female Characters
↳  Barbara ‘Bobbi’ Morse // Agent 19 // Mockingbird

Avengers Tower falling was one of the sobering moments of my life. I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my day, but that was – I was instantly pulled out of myself. So ashamed that I was enjoying the battle. But I wasn’t enjoying the battle. I was enjoying that I was alive. I had cheated death one more time and I had – it was an all-new me. I was a super-soldier (of sort) and I wanted to live up to it. But, once the Tower fell, I knew I was being given this second chance for a reason. I was going to do what a super-soldier does. I was going to turn the battle around. I was going to take it right to the Red Skull’s doorstep and I was going to put my fist right through her skull. I knew why I was given a second chance…so I could kill the Red Skull.”