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The endurance a KISS buying youngster would have needed in 1977 is mind boggling.
Howard The Duck #13 (released June 1977), hitting the news stands the same month as LOVE GUN is released (June 30. 1977), followed soon after by KISS MARVEL COMICS SUPER SPECIAL #1 (September, 1977) and ALIVE II (October 14th, 1977).
Many-An-Advance in Allowances were probably requested that year…

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HI! I was wondering if I could get a headcannon that you made. My name is Kat, I'm 4'8". I have curly brown long hair and hanzel eyes. I'm ENTJ (ironic) and I'm Ravenclaw, I'm very geek (videogames, comics, movies and books) and I in love with the history (specially in victorian era). I'm curently an artist and a writer. I'm very eccentric and not funny at all (just bad puns guys) Thank you <3 <3

Hi @hawkgirlriot

I ship you with…Cedric Diggory!

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-Telling Cedric all about your favorite movies and books and Video Games

-Talking to people all about history

-Learning a bunch of Hogwarts History and loving it

-Making a lot of puns about plants or creatures

-Writing about the school

-Talking to the paintings throughout the school

-Finding a way to play video games in Hogwarts, everyone is interested