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Supergirl explained DCTV

Supergirl and the legion

This season on supergirl we are going to be introduced to the Legion of Superheroes so I thought I would give some background for those who aren’t as familiar with them in the comic books.


The legion is a group of superheroes in the far future who come from all different worlds and have been different powers. They form long after the Justice League. They also wear these rings that signify they are a member of the group and these Rings also give them the ability to time travel.

So to give some background Supergirl storyline often crosses over with the Legion in the comic books. She often leave to the future to become a member of the legion. Mon El also is a member in the comic books. In smallville and in the Justice league cartoon Kara leaves to future to make her own path away from superman.

Supergirl TV show

Now Kara in the comic book has had Mon El as a love interest she also has another from the Legion named Brainiac 5 who has been confirmed cast for the show. Now I don’t think they would get them together or anything right now. I think there is a more complex story coming about what happens in the future and why Mon El and the Legion travelled back in time. Most likely having to do with Reign. Or I hope Lol.

If have any question feel free to ask .


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