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Boys who collect stamps. Boys who read comic books. Boys who play video games. Boys who love science fiction and fantasy. Boys who tap dance. Boys who love computers. Boys who are interested in all the stuff people call “nerdy” or “geeky.” It’s the things you love that make you who you are and you are awesome.


It’s time to escape from the news with some Friday Reads – I’m grooving on Simon Stålenhag’s super creepy Things from the Flood.

Arts Desk editor Ted Robbins is revisiting the lyrics of Leonard Cohen.

Friend of the Desk Colin Dwyer has Gene Wolfe’s Claw of the Conciliator – “Waist-deep in Wolfe’s world now, and not wading out anytime soon,” he reports.

Critic Annalisa Quinn is reading ODY-C, Matt Fraction & Christian Ward’s trippy reimagining of the Odyssey as gender-flipped space opera.

And Code Switch’s Karen Grigsby Bates is ever on the job, mainlining articles and profiles of the President-elect.

How about you?

– Petra

We know you guys love the Book Concierge – so do we! – but if you’ve still got Christmas shopping to do, and you want to branch out beyond just books, take a look at our Read, Watch, Binge! series from this summer – hundreds of cross-platform recommendations for books, comics, movies, TV, podcasts and more (working on that project is how I discovered the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast, which is sheer bat-bananas genius.

We did three separate lists, based on movies, books, and TV – so have a look, and maybe you’ll find something as utterly magical as my new favorite podcast!

– Petra