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I don’t know why but I really liked the line I came up with Robin’s reply to GrimaRobin: “A fool I will be, but at least I’m a fool with a heart.” ;u; *cries*

Also, there’s only two more pages until it ends. ; D I’ll be posting those pages a week or two later~ Until then I’m afraid these two pages will have to keep you guys satisfy~

As usual, pre-orders are still open but I only have a few copies left!

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1967 Alley Awards Fan Activity Section

The Alley Award was an American series of comic book fan awards, first presented in 1962 for comics published in 1961. Officially organized under the aegis of the Academy of Comic Book Arts and Sciences, the award shared close ties with the fanzine Alter Ego magazine. The Alley is the first known comic book fan award.

The Alleys were given out from 1962 to 1970 (for comics published 1961–1969, respectively), with comic strip awards added in 1967 (for calendar year 1966). The awards were presented at all three Academy Cons from 1965–1967. The final three years’ awards were presented at Phil Seuling’s New York Comic Art Convention.

1967 Alley Awards Fan Activity Section

Best All-Article Fanzine - (tie) Batmania and Gosh Wow

Best All-Strip Fanzine - Star-Studded Comics

Best All-Fiction Fanzine - Stories of Suspense

Best Article/Strip Fanzine - Fantasy Illustrated

Best Fiction/Strip Fanzine - Star-Studded Comics

Best Article/Fiction Fanzine - (tie) Gosh Wow and Huh!

Best Fannish One-Shot - Fandom Annual

Best Article on Comic Book Material - “Blue Bolt and Gang” (Gosh Wow #1)

Best Article on Comic Strip Material - “Gully Foyle” (Star-Studded Comics #11)

Best Regular Fan Column - “What’s News”, by Dave Kaler

Best Fan Fiction - “Nightwalker”, by Larry Brody (Gosh Wow #1)

Best Fan Comic Strip - “Xal-Kor”, by Richard “Grass” Green

Best Fan Artist - George Metzger

Best Comic Strip Writer - Larry Herndon

Best Fan Project - 1967 South-Western Con

Best Newsletter - On the Drawing Board, by Bob Schoenfeld

Gravity Falls ended but it’s not completely over yet ! We would like to help keeping the fandom alive by making a fanzine/comic book about the characters’s adventures after the finale !


We plan to feature 20 artists. The theme is post GF series. Artists will choose a story to tell that takes place after the GF finale (it can be Stan and Ford’s sea adventures, Mabel and Dipper’s life back in California, Blubbs and Durland’s wedding or just Tate and Fidds bonding, as long as it takes place after the finale).

Sadly, this project isn’t open to public. We want to invite experienced artists to make the best comic book possible! The list of participating artists will be up soon on this page

Preorders will open around Christmas and the comic book will eventually be released next year at the beginning of 2017. Make sure to follow the blog for updates and please help us spread the word!