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Here are four possible covers of Issue 1! You can pre-order the issue on Comixology NOW!

If you missed the Free Comic Book Day preview, a digital download of it comes out in June on Comixology – for free!

The comics will be in English only, but you can get them all over the world! You can also get an online version of the issue.

Make sure you PRE-ORDER! In stores and digital download available all over the world July 12.

Here’s a very important image from the new Steven Universe comic:

From this article:

It’s definitely worth looking at that article, because it has a little interview with a couple of the writers - and it also has the cover art and the first few pages! :D

It also confirms that the comic is launching on 8th February.

It looks adorable and I’m really excited about it!

DEFENDERS!  A humble pitch!

Readers and retailers!  We will be doing some serious press in a couple of weeks but as you will start placing your orders soon and I wanted to give you the hard sell on DEFENDERS. 

This is a book we are very excited about. For those you don’t know we are  launching an all new DEFENDERS in June. It is all new material written by myself and drawn by my iron Man and Civil War collaborators @davidmarquez and the amazing @jpocolors

 my history with these characters is, let’s say, pronounced. First of all, some of you know that I’m one of the creators of Jessica Jones. Doesn’t get more intimate than that.

The second season of the show is filming now. Since her TV debut she has become a worldwide media sensation. It still stuns me to this day. 

For those who have not been reading the new Jessica Jones series, things are very different for her and Luke. Their relationship will be the cornerstone of Defenders just as it was sometimes back in New Avengers.

In fact, let’s talk about NEW AVENGERS. where i staked my reputation and put Luke Cage right front and center

 if there was a major marvel event, I tried to make sure Mr. Cage, for the first time in his long history, had something to say about it



Plus, I was writing Alias, Daredevil and two Avengers books simultaneously and it created a situation where I could develop the relationship between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage into something very real…

And I love Daredevil so much. I have missed writing him. 

And returning to the character under this decidedly different scenario has been very fulfilling creatively.

When I was writing all these characters previously, I initially steered clear of Iron Fist because he was being written by two really good friends of mine Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker in the seminal run with David Aja.

 but once he became available…

 we even found a cool way to connect the iron fist saga to the Phoenix saga

we introduced the white costume which is the best costume! 

when I was done with avengers I was already preparing this book.  I was.  I pitched it publicly in on my last page…

and then something happened…

They all became big ass tv stars!

And all those who spent the aughts MOCKING me for a Luke cage ‘crush’… were silenced!! as I was proven right!! again! :-)

And now finally the stars align for us to make this very special new book. Our goal is to create a brand-new, very dangerous, very exciting tapestry for the  street-level comics. All of which will be centered around these four amazing characters but almost every single character you can think of that would fit in the mean streets of marvel will feature in this book. 

They will be threatened by new players, new threats, old scores, and new rules.

 issue three? The punisher

 here is an exclusive look at some of issue number one, two, and the ALL NEW free comic book day story that sets everything up in the Guardians FCBD issue available at all participating comic book stores all over the country on free comic book day May 5

 these are not in any sequential order, but check this out…

That’s my pitch! People always ask me what they can do to support their favorite comics… go to your local store and preorder. 

That means the store will set one aside for you and that means we will set one aside for the store.

 See you for free comic book day they where many of you are going to be shocked by what you find in that story… and then just a couple weeks later defenders number one and the all-new chapter for these characters that you and I love so much

bonus item, the Neal Adams. Cover for number one

remember that time comics legend Neal Adams drew Jessica Jones? :)


Here’s a handful of the cover art I’ve done for Titan Comics’ Doctor Who ranges since 2015!

Covers for the 2017 event The Lost Dimension, the 2017 Free Comic Book Day issue, and several individual covers for their Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctor ranges, including a special ‘linking’ set of covers, featuring scenes from some of my favourite episodes!

The Animated Brain is a short anthology of the mental health-related experiences of students and professionals in the animation industry. It contains comics about mental illnesses from anxiety to bipolar disorder to dissociative identity disorder to some recipes to make when you’re having a bad day. We tried to cover our bases!

All additional proceeds aside from the printing of the actual book will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI, Autistic Advocacy, The Selective Mutism Center, and 4 Paws for Ability, who help kids get service dogs to assist with their mental or physical disabilities.

Please consider backing us on Kickstarter!


It is New Year’s Day at King Arthur’s court, and a mysterious knight in green arrives at the holiday feast with a peculiar demand. He challenges anyone present to strike a blow against him with his fearsome great axe - but on the condition that, in one year’s time, he may deliver the same blow in return. 

The Green Knight Kickstarter is live! Help me put my comic in print:

The print edition of Gawain and the Green Knight will be a 64-page, 8 x 8” hardcover book with 64 full-color interior pages, with a clothbound cover inspired by vintage storybooks (and stamped in green foil!) A digital PDF of the complete story is available to all pledge tiers, and I’m also offering other rewards like stickers, a gold foil print, and a mini comic of another story starring Gawain.

Your support is greatly appreciated! If you’ve read the web version of the comic or you’re a fan of Arthurian stories, check out the project or spread the word if you can! I have 30 days to reach a goal of $7000 to produce these books - this has been a passion project over a year in the making and I’m super excited to see it go to print. Thank you!!

“It’s October in Manhattan, the kind of fall day where the sweaters have emerged and the scarves are starting to be wrapped instead of draped. I’m in town covering another story entirely, and in the middle of the press conference I get a text. ‘Coffee?’ The text is from Diana of Themyscira. The text is from Wonder Woman. Twenty minutes later I’m at a café in the Village, and she’s already there, sitting at a table off the sidewalk, book unopened in front of her. The staff knows who she is. Everyone knows who she is. She can dress down, but it makes no difference; your eye is drawn to her as if pulled on a fishing line. Pedestrians pause mid-stride, double-take. Some approach. Some continue on their way. She smiles. She is gracious. She signs napkins when people ask for autographs. (…)”  – Wonder Woman In Conversation by Lois Lane (Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special)


I can finally, fiiiinaaalllly announce that I am drawing next year’s Rick and Morty comic mini series Pocket Like You Stole It, coming July 2017 from @onipress. Based on the mega popular (and for me anyway mega hard) mobile game Pocket Mortys, the series is written by the brilliant Tini Howard and coloured by the incredible Katy Farina. You can find out more about the series, including an interview with all three of us over at Entertainment Weekly. You’ll find an extended preview of the series in next May’s Rick and Morty Free Comic Book Day 2017 edition as part of the yearly Free Comic Book Day event, for more about that check out the Hollywood Reporter’s rundown on the FCBD 2017 titles.

Above is my cover art for issue 1 as well as some sweet progress shots.

Guys, I’m so fucking excited about this book, I can’t even begin to tell ya.


working in hell becomes tiring after a while
(poe removes the 5 sin points when ranpo isn’t looking though)

bsd underworld AU character notes part 2: tanizaki, yosano, poe and ranpo
(part 1 HERE)

Concerning their designs: characters who appear more will get less complicated designs, and vice versa. i’ve put comments in the captions this time if anybody’s interested

also faq #1: why is chuuya dead? answer: they’re all dead


New Comic Book Day! My Pull List this week.

  • ‘The Wicked + The Divine 455AD’ (Image Comics)
  • ‘The Forever War’ #4 (Titan Comics)
  • 'Rose’ #2 (Image Comics)
  • 'Low’ #18 (Image Comics)
  • 'World Reader’ #2 (Aftershock Comics)
  • 'American Gods’ #3 (Dark Horse Comics)
  • 'The Greatest Adventure’ #2 (Dynamite Comics)
  • 'Star Wars’ #31 (Marvel Comics)
  • 'Star Wars: Poe Dameron’ #15 (Marvel Comics)
  • 'Red Sonja’ V4 #5 (Dynamite Comics)

Written by Gabby Rivera
Art by Joe Quinones
Cover by Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson

Saw this cover about a month ago, animated it the same day, waited until the creative team was announced and if they keep up the spirit of her character from Young Avengers, this is gonna be a wonderful book. Super excited!

My other animated comic covers can be found here 

Better quality version of this one can be found here

Misfit Appreciation Day 2017

Tomorrow is Misfit Appreciation day. A fun little day, created by my favorite Happy Sorceress where we have some fun and draw up fanart and the like for the DC character Charlie Gage-Radcliff, AKA Misfit, the fun and happy teleporting girl created by Gail Simone. Every year, I’ve been posting era-themed covers for it, starting in the 1940s and working my way up to modern day.

It’s kinda funny really. I’ve drawn Misfit so much these last few years that I feel I should have done a comic with her or something. LIke a fan comic thing or something.

I mentioned this last year, but I think I’ll just repeat it here. The idea here is that when the Flashpoint happened, and the DC Universe was shifting into it’s current incarnation, Misfit was teleporting (or bouncing) at the exact same time, and ended up getting hurtled through space and time, as seen in Cover #1. So she’s been attempting to bounce her way back home, decade by decade.

But for now, here’s the previous six covers I did for it.

The kickoff with MIsfit in Time


The Golden Age of the 1940s


The EC Comics era of the 1950s


A Jim Steranko inspired cover from the 1960s


Returning to a darker era with the Bronze Age of the 1970s


And lastly, the surreal of the 1980s British Invasion of the 1980s


For this year, we’re at the 1990s, which is pretty important to me, because it’s the year where I started drawing comics and decided that this comic book thing is what I wanted to do with my life. So I themed the cover based on the most influential comic series ever on my art.

More on that tomorrow.

*cue Shirley Walker music*


New Comic Book Day! My Pull List this week.

  • ‘The Forever War’ #5 (Titan Comics)
  • ‘Red Sonja’ V4 #6 (Dynamite Comics)
  • ‘Star Wars: Darth Vader’ V2 #2 (Marvel Comics)
  • ‘Star Wars: Darth Maul’ #4 (Marvel Comics)
  • ‘Star Wars: Poe Dameron’ Annual #1 (Marvel Comics)

Here’s the next of my special STRANSKI tutorials, this one looking at how to draw and plan COMPOSITION, useful for designing book and comic covers, splash pages, movie posters etc.

The Art of Stranski KICKSTARTER is RIGHT HERE, but you have just FOUR DAYS to get your copy!




Faith no more!

One by one, Faith has outsmarted and defeated every member of her brand-new rogues gallery. But when all four of Los Angeles’ most sinister minds attack their sworn enemy at once, their combined power may prove to be too powerful to handle! But will evil finally triumph over the high-flying psiot…or collapse under its own collective weight? The most pivotal moment in Faith’s solo career starts here with a rumble that won’t just seal the fate of Los Angeles, but the entire nation!

Written by JODY HOUSER
Cover A by KANO