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Akira Toriyama

Dragon Ball Daizenshuu Volume 4 World Guide

From the Wikipedia page I took this from:

A1-1. Yunzabit Heights (ユンザビット高地)

A1-2. Yahhoi [Forest] (ヤッホイ)

A1-3. Cell’s arrival site [in a time machine] (セルの到着地点)

A1-4. Buu’s [house in the] backwoods (ブウのおうち)

A2-1. Goku and [Majin] Vegeta’s battle site (悟空とベジータの戦闘地点)

A2-2. Arrival site of Goku’s spaceship (悟空の宇宙船到着地点)

A2-3. Cell Game grounds (セルゲーム会場)

A2-4. Freeza’s arrival site [in a spaceship] (フリーザ到着地点)

A2-5. Ginger Town (ジンジャータウン)

A2-6. Central Capital (中の都)

A3-1. North Capital (北の都)

A3-2. Dr. Gero’s Laboratory (ドクター·ゲロの研究所)

A3-3. Site of battle with #17 and #18 (17号18号との戦闘地点)

A3-4. Town where #18 steals clothes (18号が服を奪った町)

A3-5. Site where Piccolo meets Raditz (ピッコロ·ラディッツ接蝕地点)

A4-1. Muscle Tower (マッスルタワー)

A4-2. Jingle Village (ジングル村)

A4-3. Temporary camp of Silver’s platoon (シルバー小隊仮設キャンプ)

A4-4. Raditz’s arrival site [in a spaceship] (ラディッツ到着地点)

A4-5. East Capital (東の都)

B1-1. Sage Karin’s [Tower] (聖地カリン)

B1-2. Buu [and Gotenks’] battle site (ブウとの戦闘地点)

B1-3. Red Ribbon Army’s Headquarters (RR軍本部)

B1-4. Town where Tao Pai Pai steals clothes (桃白白が服を奪った町)

B1-5. Giran’s village (ギランの村)

B2-1. West Capital (西の都)

B2-2. Parsely City (パセリシテイ)

B2-3. Site where Vegeta decides to fight [Goku] (ベジータとの決闘地点)

B2-4. Gohan’s training field (悟飯の修行場)

B3-1. Turtle Hermit and Demon King Piccolo’s battle site (亀仙人とピッコロ大魔王の戦闘地点)

B3-2. Pilaf’s castle (ピラフ城)

B3-3. Yamcha’s hidden house (ヤムチャの隠れ家)

B3-4. Rabbit Group’s town (ウサギ団の町)

B4-1. Satan City (サタンシテイ)

B4-2. Oolong’s village (ウーロンの村)

B4-3. Son Gohan’s house (孫悟飯の家)

B4-4. Son Goku’s house (孫悟空の家)

B4-5. Pirate Cave (海賊の洞窟)

C1-1. Hiding place of Babidi’s spaceship (バビディの宇宙船の隠し場所)

C1-2. Namu’s village (ナムの村)

C1-3. Fortune Teller Baba’s palace (占いババの宮殿)

C1-4. Site of Pilaf’s duel [with Goku] (ピラフとの決闘地点)

C2-1. Town where Goku buys clothes (悟空が服を買った町)

C2-2. #19 [and Goku’s] battle site (19号との戦闘地点)

C2-3. Site of Yajirobe’s encounter [with Goku] (ヤジロベーとの遭遇地点)

C2-4. South Capital (南の都)

C2-5. Island where #19 and #20 appear (19号20号の現われた島)

C3-1. Frypan Mountain (フライパン山)

C3-2. Island where Cell achieves his “perfect form” (セルが完全体になった島

)C3-3. Papaya Island (パパイヤ島)

C3-4. “Strongest Under The Heavens” Martial Arts Tournament Island (天下一武道会会島)

C4-1. Temporary camp of Blue’s company (ブルー中隊仮設キャンプ)

C4-2. Turtle House (カメハウス)

C4-3. Penguin Village (ペンギン村)

C4-4. [Goku and Kuririn’s] training island (修行の島)

C4-5. Island where #17 fights [Piccolo] (17号と闘った島)