comic book caps

can we just acknowledge that superheroines who wear tight cowls have hair under there?


the only way to get a perfectly smooth line is to do like theatre folk: put your hair in tight pin curls and wear a wig cap over it

I want to see Catwoman or Harley Quinn pulling their cowls off to reveal…the crotch from a pair of pantyhose, stretched tight over circles of hair pinned flat all over their heads. which when taken down (laboriously, with much swearing as they try to find all the bobby pins) look like a 1980s puffy nightmare

none of this “cowl comes off and perfect silky hair cascades down like in a shampoo commercial”

It makes me seethe how fandom likes to wrap their dislike and distrust of people of color up in pseudo-intellectual dribble that’s supposed to read like a cohesive and academic film analysis.


Your use of coded academic language to basically state that you don’t trust men of color near your precious white superhero booties is played out and we can see you for what you are. If you can apply reason and logic to things like “parent assassination would keep superhero from joining the group that killed them” but not “black man would not join neo-nazi hate group because of his race but also the fact that the character isn’t like that”, there’s something wrong with you.

Full stop.

Just like there’s something wrong with everyone that attacks the actions and motivations of men of color in the MCU (because so far, there aren’t any WOC as far as I can tell in the MCU Proper) when they wouldn’t (and don’t) dare to do the same with the white heroes, villains, and sidecharacters in the series.

There’s something wrong with people who write fics, headcanons, and meta revolving around how shitty Rhodey is to Tony. How shitty a friend he is. How abusive he is. How he is less important to the narrative that Tony’s got than Bruce Banner of all the freaking people.

There’s something wrong with how there are only mere handfuls of fic that cast MCU Nick Fury as someone that isn’t a manipulative, scary, stereotype of a villain.

And there’s definitely something wrong with people trying to pretend that they are ~serious critics~ as they try to theorize that Sam Wilson could be a secret Hydra agent based on the fact that the directors/writers of Cap 2 didn’t want to have this movie feel like a multi-series comic crossover by not having Tony appear to snark where no Stark-snark was needed.

Go read a book damnit.

Maybe an actual comic book about these said MOC in comics or a book about race in film not written by a white person because this whole thing about “coded/hidden racist language presented as unbiased headcanon/exploration esp when slash ships are involved” is bullshit and people will come for you to make sure you know how wrong you are.

Random Thoughts: Secret Empire and Wakanda Vs. The World

At the time of me writing about the content of this post in another forum, I just read Secret Empire #0. I immediately thought of season 1 of the main BP book and felt that the “world left Wakanda to die” angle from Jonathan Hickman’s “Time Runs Out” story arc should’ve been the heart of the story of “Black Panther: A Nation Under our Feet.” After reading Secret Empire #1 and #2, I’m doubling down on that stance.

Not only would season 1 have directly touched on one of the most important plot points in Black Panther publication history (the destruction of Wakanda), it would’ve been a great story that could touch on (and challenge) Shuri’s nationalism and beliefs. As the former queen of Wakanda who was killed soon after Wakanda’s apparent destruction by a foreign force, would she seek retribution of some kind, or choose another path?

Shuri has a history of enacting retribution throughout her reign. When the Desturi committed their coup on Wakandan soil (temporarily ousting the Wakandan monarchy from power), Shuri ultimately ordered her troops to kill them all. When Namor and Atlantian forces attacked Wakanda, she soon ordered Wakandan forces to retaliate. How would she respond to the world giving up Wakanda to the Black Order? And how would T’Challa react to Wakanda and it’s people willing to head towards a dangerous collision course with the outside world?

In my scenario, Wakanda ditches the isolationist policy and begins asserting itself as a world power and expand it’s sphere of influence. Add that with Wakandan xenophobia being at an all-time high due to previous events (Doomwar, AvX, Infinity, and Time Runs Out), and this results in conflict with other world powers.

The interesting thing about Secret Empire is that Steve Rodgers genuinely believes in his ideal and actions (which makes him such a compelling villain in Secret Empire). He strongly believes that it is the best way to bring peace and prosperity (in his mind) to the world. To Shuri, pushing Wakanda to pivot towards a more assertive foreign policy can be what she genuinely feels is the best way to protect her people. Her people and her nation just got wiped out not long ago by alien forces, and the outside world was complicit in that end. Why should she ever trust the world governments to not repeat such an act again?

Some may argue that Wakanda would become the villains of the story and it may not be a good look, especially as far as T’Challa is concerned (I somewhat disagree with this but I def understand the sentiment of those who would see otherwise).Shuri, in my opinion, is a great fit for such a story. She’s not a hero, never pretended to be one, and has no desire to be one. The welfare of her people is all she cares about. She even has done villainous acts before (her appearance in Waid’s Daredevil, in which she sends Wakandan agents to apprehend nuns who found out about a clandestine plan involving Wakanda and a rogue U.S. general).

Crossing fingers that we get such a story line (or something similar to it) involving Wakanda at some point in the future.

Side note: For those that haven’t already, def read Secret Empire. Excellent story.

Guys, I just realised something.

Please don’t mock me, but it just occurred to me that SHIELD is called SHIELD to honour Captain America’s SHIELD (obviously the letters all stand for something but it’s not a consequence that the letters all add up to spell SHIELD!)



I have been following this “hydra cap” story for almost a year now and need to express somethings I feel are important. Yeah it’s been a year since I posted the first image and it has spread like wild fire. Thanks to those who have who boosted our message as comic fans.

 First off whilst Spencer insists they (Hydra) are not Nazis, and refers to a fairly recent retcon that establishes Hydra as predating the Nazis by thousands of years, they still look and act surprisingly like Nazis.

Lets look at some facts that ‘people who actually read comics’ will already know:

In ‘Civil War II: The Oath’, Rogers dreams of his ideal Hydra future. In that future we have the following:

1) Classrooms of entirely white, ayrian children swearing allegiance in a manner worryingly similar to that of the Hitler youth.

2) A group of white ayrian children chasing a black mutant child down an alley to a surely horrible fate. The kids positively gleam white, which is surely an intentional act of symbolism.

3) A concentration camp full of people who are ‘different’

4) A rally that looks like the mirror image of the Nuremburg rallies.

If Spencer wants to insist that Hydra are not ‘Nazis’, then maybe he shouldnt use quite so much Nazi symbolism and visual references? Nope not possible  for him to do because it’s easier to destroy a legacy with shock value

Oh yeah, 100 bucks to anyone who can find a non-white Hydra agent in any of Nick Spencers stuff. You wont - thats the safest 100 bucks on the planet.

So what were left with is a fascist organisation that believes in power by force of arms, have ideologies of racial superiority, indoctrinate their youth, imprison and exterminate anyone who is different, and allow open oppression of any person who doesnt fit that mold.

Sound like a bunch of people we know?

Whether people admit it or not, lets not pretend that Hydra Cap’s organization is not as evil and dispicable as the worst Nazis.

Spencer’s constant hat wringing that they arent that offends me the most. He fucked up - he didnt think the implications of his story through, now people are calling him on it and instead of owning it, hes trying to mitigate it and lie. (And on top of it he brags and makes jokes about destroying a character just to pay himself on the back like he’s near as good of a writer as his predecessors )

The ending to the FCBD secret empire  issue?  I’ll spoil it here for those not knowing already.  HYDRA CAP PICKS UP THOR’S HAMMER AS DEAD AND INJURED SUPERHEROES LAY AT HIS FEET!   This was blatantly placed into the book to dispell the people saying Cap can’t be evil because he’s worthy to pick up the hammer. without a doubt this alone not only shakes cap’s history but Thor’s as well . Does it imply the hammer an evil racist Nazi as well? Does it imply Thor is?  Why not Nick Spencer’s writing seems to indicate all Caucasians as racists.

I dont like this story in principle anymore than any other critic - but primarily I dislike it because I’m sick of seeing my heroes acting like a bunch of fucking dicks all of the time and fighting each other instead of the real villains, and I dont see a way out of this for Steve Rogers that doesnt involve the use of another tired old comic book trope - probably a heroic and temporary 'death’, followed by another replacement Cap arc, followed by another 'triumphant return’ - or worse - the whole thing gets cosmic cubed, because of course nothing important happens to Rogers without a cosmic cube.

So, to back up a bit, even if we go with the idea that Hydra predates Nazism, then at *best* they’re a group who saw the Nazi ideology and said “Hey, we can work with this.”

As its a comic, if doesnt reference the movies at all, the movies should not be ignored.

 Even if you come at it from the movies which have a wider audience than the comics, it sure looks like Hydra has Nazi roots or at least affiliation. The Red Skull is in Nazi uniform and allied with Hitler. Agents of Shield digs into the deeper historical root but you can’t unring a bell

That’s still pretty fucking damning.

That said, Marvel should also be aware and expect that people who consume their other media will have heard about this story and are going to come to their own conclusions perhaps on what they have seen in the film.

If you want to court mainstream media attention - as Marvel were soooooo happy to do at the beginning of this story - the price of that is mainstream media scrutiny. It’s something I am shocked Disney as a company would allow,  though they are pushing to fix it  with Generations the damage is done.

Axel Alonso, Nick Spencer,  anyone who thought this was a good idea should be fired.  and though it should not need saying; NO we should not send them death threats as this makes them think what they are doing is a good thing. Spencer seems to live off the hate he gets. Message marvel demanding his job be taken. His actions are no different than the artist that snuck antisemitic messages into X-men gold #1 . Racism is racism no matter what. Nick Spencer shouldn’t be able to hide behind the double standard he loves to use as a cop out when people criticise his writings.

And now they want to have comic shop employees dress as Hydra agents on free comic book day…. -sigh- PLEASE on free comic book day 2017 please discourage people from picking up the free marvel comics.  Mostly do not pick up the secret empire issue. Show Marvel we don’t want this kind of trash.

Repost if you like or add your opinions, I’m interested in what others think about it.

Y’know, I haven’t checked in on some of Marvel’s other comics in a while. And they have a new event out now. I wonder how the start of that wen–

Don’t let people tell you not to be mad.

Don’t let people tell you you’re overreacting.

Know how to present your anger, know the acceptable ways to express said anger and know when you’ve crossed a line

But never, EVER let somebody silence you because your anger disrupts the status quo they’ve gotten so used to.