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Name/Nickname: Michelle, MusingZero (art-tag), Chelle (family), Ash (in-game)

Gender: Female
Height: 5′1″
Hogwarts House: According to Pottermore, Slytherin. 
Favorite Animal: Frogs (they are cute and I won’t hear otherwise)
Hours of Sleep: 5-8 - depends on my ability to fall asleep in a timely fashion the night before.
Dogs or Cats: I love both, but I am definitely more a cat person.
Number of Blankets: One, but I usually sleep with four pillows xD

Dream Trip: I’d love to take a trip to Ireland and Scotland. I’d even like to see Japan one day.
Dream Job: I wanted to be a Marvel comic book artist when I was a kid. I think that still sounds pretty snazzy, even though I am much more in preference these days to just becoming a a financially independent professional artist.
Time: 5:47 PM EST
Birthday: August 30th
Favorite Bands: The Smashing Pumpkins, Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, The Lumineers, Breaking Benajmin, Starset, Within Temptation, Two Steps from Hell - any many more. I am a genre jumper!
Favorite Solo Artist: Enya

Song Stuck In My Head:

Last Movie I Watched: Sing
Last Show I watched: This Is Us
When did I create my Blog: Pffft. It’s been a few years. I don’t remember when. Four years? Five?
What do I post/Reblog: When I first started, it was just art. Now, I post writing for my OCs, answered asks/prompts, aesthetics and inspirations, funny things, and yep, still art!
Last thing I Googled: Art references. 
Why I chose My URL: My muse’s name.
Original intent: Made this blog for my art initially - then it turned into an RP blog.
Other Blogs: @musingzero @datash-ooc @kwinthrope @ederck @brightfall @caitira @aravenmoon
Followers: 546 on this blog.
Lucky number: 4
Favorite Instrument: Violin and the Cello
What am I wearing: Black t-shirt from the brewery I use to work at, and flannel pj shorts. 
Nationality: Born in the USA and the state of Indiana. Raised between Indiana and North Carolina. 
Favorite Song: You can’t make me choose just one. Impossible!
Last Book I Read:
“Tides of War”

anonymous asked:

Hello um your a big inspiration to me and your really amazing! Ive been a bit shy to ask you but i want to be a comic book artist too... Ive made small comics but none of them were all that good so i want to ask if you had any tips? (you dont have to answer this if you dont want to >-<)


It’s great to meet you!!! AH You send me catapulting over the moon & beyond the stars!!! ✨🌟✨ I’m just giDDY to hear I’m one of your inspirations for comic art! 💥HOW COOL‼️ 

I’m VERY much an amateur myself, with no proper education for comic art or industry experience. Booo! 😖💦 But I’ll be happy to link you to the sources I reference EVERY DAY while drawing! 📚( ´▽`)✏️

For reference, creating & understanding comics:

• ✨Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics
David Chelsea’s “Perspective! For Comic Book Artists
• Stephan Kliment “Architectural Sketching and Rendering
• Gary Faigin “The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression

For my Inspiration:

• Watchmen - Dave Gibbons’ work is my goal ∑(@`0´@ )✏️
• Ranma ½ - Rumiko Takahashi has a way with expressive story telling in body language, faces, layout, angles- omg she has it all.


Small intuos Comic tablet ✏️
• iPad mini - Propped up for googling references.
• My phone - Propped up for MORE googling references!
• Fidget spinner - Makes me feel included with the cool kids. IF U FEEL GUD, U WORK GUD.

( ô0ô)💬 I don’t have any “tips” really since I’m still such an amateur, but if I had to say something, it’s: Keep yourself in good spirits, praise yourself, take responsibility for the projects you take on, and for diddly’s sake, get started NOW or you never will! 😱

Submit Your Work for Vol 3

Spring into Roller Derby

PromptCreate a visual piece of art based on or inspired by Roller Derby or Spring. Or put both of them together.

Rules We only have a few of them so this won’t be lengthy. Our goal is to have each volume to have a relaxing and friendly vibe. You may submit as many as you like. We are an LGBT magazine for women of all sizes.


-148 x 210 (-3 mm bleed) 300 DPI

-Colour/ B&W CMYK or RGB

-10 page maximum for comic stories.

-Comic stories are encouraged as long as they fit on an A5 page!

-Stand alone illustrations are always welcomed.

-Collaborations are welcomed.

PUBLICATION Finished product will be a full-color A5 portrait art book. Depending on popularity we’re hoping for it to be printed. All artist featured will receive a free digital copy of course. Maybe a print book to artist if we sell enough.

Submission are open till April 18, 2017

Thank you for your interest.

Please send submission of artwork for Volume 3: Spring into Roller Derby to Subject line VOLUME 3 SUBMISSION. Please include a link website (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media to be published in art book), PayPal link and age if your under 18.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any prompts for a house or apartment full of artists/ art students?

  • Character A is coming home from a late night dance class, and after entering in their dark apartment, they’re ambushed by Character B, who is yelling and brandishing one of their calligraphy pens like a tiny knife. Turns out that Character B thought that Character A had been home all night and that their shared apartment was being broken into.
  • “Could you stop playing depressing music? I get that you like listening to morbid music while you work but please, put on some headphones or at least turn the music down.” AU
  • Character A is really into comic books and wants to become an artist in the future, but at the moment, Character A is going to school for a major that their parent(s) chose. Character B is Character A’s roommate, and Character B is very into writing, so when they learn that Character A has always dreamed of making their own comic book, Character B offers to help them.
  • In order to keep up with their thoughts, Character A tends to scribble cryptic, half-formed ideas on their hands and arms – “lovecraftian style Sherlock Holmes mystery”, “object head w/lemon slice”, “granite hearts refuse to break”, etc. – throughout the day. When they come home at night, Character B looks over Character A’s hands/arms and takes the ideas that they feel like they can do something with.
  • “Help it’s 2am and I need a last minute nude model so shuck off your clothes and start posing. ” AU
  • Character A has been trying to work through a really difficult writer’s block, but they just can’t get out of it. Characters B and C, Character A’s roommates, decide to take Character A out for a long hike so that Character A can hopefully work out whatever is holding them back.
  • Alternatively, Character A’s art is in direct connection with their feelings, so when Character A has a lot of repressed emotions, their art begins to suffer and the only thing that helps is a good crying session. This is usually set up by Character B with a night full of sad movies and both of them talking about their feelings.

C: Art has always been a great part of my life. Anime, manga, comic books, novels, even fanfiction has always been inspiring, fun, and creative. Funny thing is, I thought things like comic books were a “white” thing and mangas was an “Asian” thing. It sounds as dumb as it reads, but I’ve lived in a predominantly black neighborhood where I didn’t really see much comic books or graphic novels unless you went to a library really far from where my family lived. I had video games, which was a rarity, and made me want to be a video game designer, and after getting over the anxiety of liking manga in middle school, graphic novelist or comic book artist seemed like a better start (then video game design). I want to create stories like Studio Ghibli, but for young black kids. Stories that’s about adventure, romance, and it doesn’t revolve around “the hood” or about “getting out of the hood” or another damn slavery movie or sports/“I want to go to college” movie. So much of that has been beaten into our heads it’s like we ignore that we can create a wonderful story that doesn’t have to remind us of the world we live in and been through BECAUSE WE LIVE IT. I’m more than determined to share the adventures i want to share, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to do the same. I want to give black children wonderful stories and the adventure they deserve.


I made an AU where Neal and Melissa are brother and sister, Orton and Lizzie (with another name) are father and mother, and Chief Chase as their butler. It’s called the Charleston AU.

“Charleston” is merely a combination of “Chase” and “Mahlson” and adjusted to sound like a legit last name.

Here are the household members:

  1. Orton Charleston: The only household member who was born outside of the United States, i.e. New Zealand, Orton is a prolific artist under the pseudonym “Hankry Zone”. He specializes in sculpture and installations, and he’s very thankful for Murphy’s Law in contributing to his works. He’s the husband to Eliza and father of Neal and Melissa.
  2. Elizabeth “Eliza” Charleston: She’s Orton’s wife and manager. As his manager, she contacts galleries and commissioners interested in his works. She also promotes his art and adjusts their prices. Due to the nature of her job, she’s at home less often than Orton.
  3. Neal Charleston: Instead of wanting to be an artist like his father, he’s more interested in comic books and wants to be a comic artist one day. He could be considered shy and would rather spend his time reading comics. He has a habbit of teasing Melissa into annoyance and get into petty fights.
  4. Melissa Charleston: Arguably considered Orton’s “star child”, she aces her subjects just like her dad when he was her age. Even though she occasionally helps her dad in making his work, she actually wants to do more than art, and claims she wants to be a journalist instead.
  5. Richard Chase: A butler who works for the Charlestons. The Charlestons could only afford one butler, a mansion, and a studio, but not a limo or security guards.

Other info: Dr. Zone doesn’t exist here, but rather the time traveling show everyone loves is “Cavendish and Dakota”, a show which stars Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota.

There’s gonna be more art, which is why I made a special blog for the Charleston AU. Feel free to send some asks. I may put a pic to go along with it.
Gina Rodriguez on Representations of Latinos in the Media - Google Arts & Culture
Gina Rodriguez has never been a cookie-cutter actress, happy to simply smile and wave for the cameras, and shy away from the conversations that matter. T...

Gina Rodriguez has never been a cookie-cutter actress, happy to simply smile and wave for the cameras, and shy away from the conversations that matter. The Golden Globe-winning star of hit TV show Jane the Virgin uses her platform to speak about real stuff, addressing issues that are important to women today, including education, the environment, and media stereotypes. To celebrate the launch of the Latino Cultures in the U.S. project, we spoke to Gina about everything from the diversity of Latino cultures in the U.S. today, to her fangirling over Rita Moreno.

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I wanted to go back to doing more variance with my linework like I used to do when I wanted to be a comic book artist… I missed it, really. 

Anyway, here we are finally, after so much indecision about what I wanted to do with this (digital painting, watercolor, my usual thing?) all I need to do now is find the time to color this.

I inked this traditionally and it is huge, like 15″ tall, so I had to double scan it and combine the pieces. I always get scared when I have to do that, but it’s so much easier to do with inks than with color.

Anyway, here’s my hunter Laila, from back in the days of Vanilla Destiny around the time of The Dark Below. Gosh she’s grown up so much since then… I’ll have to draw her again soon.

It’s Sydney! My beachsona! So it’s…it’s me

Here’s some tidbits

  º is really into alien conspiracies

  º so much so that she has a webcomic about aliens

  º has a rivalry with Ronaldo

  º moved to Beach City specifically because of the Crystal Gems

  º keeps her distance out of respect but flips her shit when they come near her

  º has a big crush on Jamie and is really obvious about it

  º her dog is named Magnolia and they are never seen apart

  º loves aliens but hates the government so instead of reopening the X Files she wants to be a comic book artist

  º has a webcomic about aliens

thanks @jen-iii for starting this amazing trend!!

pandapopplay  asked:


Jam can be anything he wants to be
A newspaper writer
A comic book artist
I’m not going to judge as long as he is fed and wants to do it I’ll help him

It seems I have been tagged! @speyerboot, hi.

1) Name/nickname:

My real name is Lee. That’s it. 

2) Gender:

Trans male

3) Star sign:

Barely a Libra

4) Height:


5) Hogwarts House:

idk every site I go on tells me I’m Ravenclaw but I honestly think I’m Hufflepuff

6) Favorite animal:

Cats and reptiles

7) Hours of sleep:

either less then 5 or more then 10 there’s no in between

8) Dogs or cats:

Cats! Mostly just bc I grew up with them so I know their body language and behavior better then dogs.

9) Number of blankets: 

2-3 depending on how cold I am

10) Dream trip:

Cabin in the woods with wifi and a TV

11) Dream job:

I honestly wanted to be a comic book artist at one point but I don’t know anymore. Whatever job I end up with that’s art related I guess.

12) Time:

10:39pm Eastern

13) Birthday:


14) Favorite Bands:  

Imagine Dragons, Gorillaz, AC/DC, and Fall Out Boy I guess


Artists as in music or visual art? Bc for music I like Nicki Minaj, Caravan Palace,  and Owl City a lot and for art….. idk I like a lot of artists

‘16) Song Stuck In My Head:

“Gold” by Imagine Dragons as of late

17) Last Movie I Watched:

Iron Giant! Pls watch it’s such a good movie

18) Last Show I Watched:

I think Rick and Morty?

19) When Did I Create My Blog:

This one? About a year ago. But I’ve been on Tumblr for about 5 years with previous blogs.

20) What Do I Post/Reblog:

Mostly just art that catches my eye and I like as well as the dumb little things I make.

2) Last Thing I Googled:

Purple Heart Definition

22) Other Blogs


23) Do I Get Asks:

on occasion. I love getting them when they appear!

24) Why I Choose My URL: 

Idk it’s based off my old URL for my main, shizzle-jizzle. Now it’s pretty much my @ for every art account I have.

25) Following:


26) Followers:


27) Lucky Number:


28) Favorite Instrument:  

Barry sax

29) What Am I Wearing:

shitty jeans and a green sweater

30) Favorite Food:

Mozzarella stiiickks

31) Nationality:

I’m white af

32) Favorite Song:’

It’s constantly changing but I always love listening to “Battle Against a True Hero” by Toby Fox

33) Last Book Read:


34) Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join:

D&D, Overwatch (?), A Universe where I’m happy and Donald Trump and Nazis don’t fucking exist

I tag anyone who wants to do this, I’m a weakling too shy to tag anyone

superbibliophile  asked:

So I realized most of my favorite comic book artists are men and I want to find more female artists I like. Can you recommend some female artists?

Oh boy oh boy, could I ever!

Ming Doyle Website + Art examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-Vertigo’s The Kitchen, a mini series about a group of mob wives who take over the family business when their husbands are incarcerated.
-DC’s current Constantine Hellblazer series, which she cowrites and draws some of the flashback scenes. 

Becky Cloonan: Website + Art examples 1 2 3 and 4
Check out her work in:
-Her self released graphic novel By Chance or Providence, which includes the Eisner Award winning short story The Mire, as well as Wolves and Demeter (my personal favorite)
-Batman #12, the FIRST EVER BATMAN COMIC IN SEVENTY FIVE YEARS to have a woman as the main artist on the book. Also about my favorite character ever. Just a fantastic stand alone story. 
-Gotham Academy and Southern Cross, two series she writes and sometimes does cover work for

Marguerite Sauvage: Website + Art examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-DC Comics Bombshells, a weekly digital first series featuring the women of DC as 1940′s super heroes and villains during World War II.
-Thor Annual #1, with Jane Foster as Thor
-Sensation Comics #7, a digital one-shot and one of the best Wonder Woman stories released in the past few years

Annie Wu: Website + Art examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-DC’s current series Black Canary, which follows Dinah Lance on a Joan Jett meets Mad Max Fury Road rock and roll adventure
-Hawkeye Vol 3 LA Women, where Annie draws Kate’s adventures in LA. Everyone should just read this entire series to be honest just do it

Tula Lotay: Website + Art Examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-Supreme Blue Rose from Image Comics

Emmanuela Lapacchino: Art examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-Supergirl Vol 6: Crucible, which follows Kara to school in space
-DC’s current series Starfire

There are so many more I’m sorry but I’m too busy to keep going even though I absolutely would there is obviously Babs Tarr, there is Kate Brown, Pia Guerra, Fiona Staples, Nicola Scott, Amanda Connor, Rebecca Isaacs, Cat Staggs, Jenny Frison, Amy Reeder, Alison Sohn, Yasmin Liang, I’m kicking myself because there are so many more and I just don’t have the time to list them out if anyone wants to add please do so

***MEGHAN HETRICK, BETTY FELON, oh I’m just gonna be editing this forever with artists i forgot…

**Stephanie Hans!

46. Nanny/Single Parent AU

Someone was crying outside his door. Nico looked up from the sketch he was working on, listening to the sound. It sounded like a kid, probably the four-five year old boy who lived next door with his dad. Nico frowned. Strangely enough he couldn’t hear any adult soothing the child.


He got up and went out to investigate. The boy was sitting in front of the door to the apartment opposite Nico’s, crying and holding a phone.


“What’s wrong?” Nico asked, and the boy looked up, trying to dry his tears quickly.

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Oh man #tbt to 13 years ago straight out highschool. when I had no idea I wanted to be a comic book artist and was totally lost. Maybe wanted to be an architect cause my dad suggested it once or twice. Underneath it all I knew was that i love drawing the xmen and superheroes and no matter how frustrated I was at my drawing skills it still made me happy.

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