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Longbox is now available for iOS!

Longbox is a comic book pull list manager for iOS (Android coming soon).

Quickly add and drop series to and from your pull list!

Get a nice overview of your pull list, including the current week’s releases, highlighting the new releases for you!

See everything coming up from your pull list in an organized list.

Search and browse through clean, uncluttered comic book pages to see and learn about anything you might be interested in. You can even browse through variants and covers.


Time lapse start to finish of my Gwenpool Drawing!

Wraith #6 is out today and concludes the story of Agnes Claiborne and Chess Llewellyn in Christmasland. That isn’t the end of the series, though… I hope you’ll come on back in a month for the epilogue in issue 7.

You can find issue 6 in your local comic store and on your device via any of a number of comic book apps.


Title: Comixology Comics
Device: Universal
Price: Free plus in-App Purchases

A Double P Review: Whether you’re currently into comics, used to be, or even considering the plunge; Comixology is a must-have app for any comic book fan. With issues that span from the Golden Age to now, the amount of reading material is mind-boggling. Comixology also boasts ‘Guided View’ which navigates each book pane by pane for easier reading. New books become available at midnight every Wednesday, so you can buy them before your brick and mortar store even opens. To top it all off, Comixology regularly has 99¢ issue sales throughout the week. When an app offers you Frank Miller’s 'The Dark Knight Returns’ for $3.96, you treasure it forever.

iTunes Link  ||  Google Play