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Mike Mignola’s comic adaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

I’m sorry but did anyone else notice this little scene where DC comics put in a little easter egg abOUT DRACO MALFOY AND HIS FAMILY I AM IN A STATE OF INTERNAL SCREAMING BUT LIKE SERIOUSLY MY POOR BABY MALFOY HE JUST WANTED TO BE HIMSELF DC COMICS YOU SNEAKY BASTARDS I LOVE YOU thank you for warming my little fangirl heart 

Spy not knowing what to do while encountering someone who’s crying are my fucking aesthetics

Shadow you are the cutest motherfucker. Like seriously, he’s a bioengineered alien hybrid weapon of mass destruction and yet he meticulously cares for his fuckin motorcycle baby. You adorable hedgie death machine you. …also, the Shadamy hints, however insignificant. I am shipper trash and proud


I hope all of you receive just as much love today as you do most days!  And if you don’t, please tell yourself that you are worthy of oodles of love because you are!!

(…I regret making Bam’s, it makes me want to wrap him up in a ridiculously oversized scarf to protect him from this cruel world all the while wailing “NOOOOOO!!!”)

              { Unreasonable interest }

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(This is a collab with @sylfidxn who took care of Hugh, while I drew Mads. The comic will have 7 pages so please follow it of you’re interested! For @hannibalcreative‘s #MadancyMarch)  

If you’re into KS then I really /really/ suggest you read Bastard. Because this comic is so fucking good and underrated. It’s a horror comic. For those of you who are reading KS for the gay “"ship”“ (*sigh*) then don’t bother reading Bastard. There’s no gays in it but it has an amazing plot and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. So 10/10 recommend it.

You can read it on the MangaRock app or on :D