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Mystery Scribble Theater Monday: Comic #8

Welcome aboard, scrub. You get to live the legend now, Jonah! WHY AREN’T YOU MORE EXCITED?!?

Crow’s face. Heck, just the entirety of Crow T. Robot in that moment. ROOOOMIES!

Jonah’s face. His default setting (“bewildered and awkward”) is my favorite to draw anyway, but I think cranked it to 11 in that last panel.

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slightly based off the non-canon teenage Mabel and Dipper from Alex and Dana’s livestream charity drawing (vid pt1 and pt 2; ‘cause the livestream is amazing)

Fun fact! When I was about to start Freshman year of High School I decided that I wanted to go Goth (note: I pretty much am Mabel so you know how well that would have worked out; obviously didn’t last long and by that I mean barely a month). And my brother was quick to point out how that made no sense and would not work out for me. Ergo, I had to draw that exchange happening between Mabel and Dipper.