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☆TCAF 2017☆

Guys! I’ll be at TCAF next weekend as a featured guest and ready to sign Check, Please: Year Two!

I’ll be signing copies of Year One and Year Two, speaking on two panels, and will give a one hour talk at the TCAF Word Balloon Academy. (Check here for scheduling!)

  • 12:00 PM – Spotlight: Ngozi Ukazu – Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu has taken the comics world by storm. Its giant readership and successful crowd-funding campaigns show how the series has tapped into an audience that is hugely underserved by mainstream publishing. Come and hear Ngozi talk about her life in comics thus far, her plans for the series’ future, and what it like to have a small side project suddenly turn into a huge hit!
  • 12:15 PM – Sports! – Comics and…sports?!?! This pairing isn’t as strange as you might think! From diehard sportos to secret jocks, come and hear what these creators love about the wide world of sports!Panelists: Michael Nybrandt, Sonam Wangyal, Ngozi Ukazu, Jarrett Williams. Moderator: RJ Casey.

When I’m not signing or in panels, I’ll likely be wandering the show floor and hanging out around @mynameismad‘s table being a nuisance. But otherwise, I’m psyched! I can’t wait to see all of you guys! TCAF 2016 was an amazing convention and being welcomed back is an honor.

How to Print and Price your Stuff

The main example used here is posters (and other print items for simplicity sake), but I do mention other items and what I talk about here applies to pretty much all produced products (posters, mugs, key chains, bookmarks, comic books, etc.)

Here’s some advice based on my own experiences and research.

General Pricing:

8″x10″ posters are usually at least $10 and up. Posters Larger than that are usually at least $15 or $20 and up. 

For a larger poster $45 can be perfectly acceptable especially if the content is particularly fantastic or detailed.

The exact amount really depends on you, art level, size of poster, printing costs, printing method, etc. Don’t under price your art, but don’t expect to sell a lot of and 8″x10″ print for $50 a piece unless your art is really frickin’ spectacular.

[Original art (not a print, an original, like a physical painting or sculpture) are a different story. Original paintings and the like can go for larger amounts, but your only selling the individual painting once. This will focus more on production of multiple prints and copies.]

Selling Factors:

How do you plan on selling these? For physical copies, if you’re not going to be at a convention or booth, online there’s

Shipping cost

to consider. Will shipping be an added on cost or will the poster price be higher and shipping free? (If you’re doing free shipping make sure to put that where it’s well visible. People always like free.) Also make sure to account for overseas shipping which can be way pricier.

Also consider deals.
Buy 2 get 3rd 50% off can help encourage people to buy more and raise your sales, but you have to willing to sell your product for that price. Other deals that are common are Buy $X or more and get free shipping, Buy X# of products and get free commission doodle or bookmark or other little trinket (doodles can be requests that you post on your blog rather than physically ship), Buy full set for $50 (instead of the $60 it would cost to buy them all separately), and other things in this vein.


Are you going through a site where you never actually touch the product (ie. RedBubble) or are you handling all the printing and shipping yourself?

Online Sites and 3rd Party Vendors:
If your going through a site that handles all the production and shipping it can be good since it’s very hands off. On the payment side though here are some question you need to check:

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I had to take a minute after my twitch stream to say Happy Earth Day! 🌏💚✨ I wanted to share my painting “Butterfall” because to me this image represents a fountain of possibilities! ⛲✨✨ I am optimistic that we can start changing how we negatively impact the environment and do better. 😊❤ We all share the same planet so let’s do our best to make it a happy healthy place for all it’s fauna and flora! 👧🐶🌱💙 We can all do it together! 🤗💞 “Butterfall” is such a positive painting I had to bring her with to C2E2 this weekend as a print! 😀💕 If you’re at the show, you can find me at table T1 in Artist Alley with her and other prints too! 😉👍I’m here all weekend! 😁💖

Ta-Da! ✨✨ My colorful lion is the next finished painting for my “Surreal Safari” series! 🌈🦁 His name is “Dandy Lion” what do you think? 😄 He’s so fluffy I can’t even 😆 I really love how this little guy seems to strike a chord with people and reminds them of something nostalgic!💖 It’s very exciting as an artist to know that your work connects with a variety of people like that  ❤🖌 My motivation was to make something fun and colorful and happy, so it’s heartwarming knowing that makes you lovelies feel that way too! 😊💕 I’ll be debuting the series all together next month at #SDCC at my booth #4723 and I can’t wait! 😁The rest need some more work, so I’m off to make him more buddies! 😉🖌 Big hugs! 💞Have a great afternoon lovlies! 😙

The lovely @crazybaconsandwich met GotG’s Valerio Schiti at a local con and got me this fab Winter Soldier sketch as a surprise treat! It arrived today and it’s going straight into The Buckyyyyy Book. Thank you so much @crazybaconsandwich, you are so thoughtful (and have such good taste in sketches!) ❤️

TGIF baby! 😎 💙 “La Capra” is going to be one of the prints I’m bringing with me to C2E2 April 21-23! 🎉🎉 You can find me in the Artist Alley at table T1 with him and other cool prints for the show! 😉✨✨ Did you know my painting “La Capra” was based off of the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”? 🎥 It’s such a beautifully filmed movie that it’s one of my all time favs! ☺👍❤ What kinds of movies do you guys like to watch on Friday night? 🤔📺💕 I’m in the mood for watching a flick and getting some Loki cuddles tonight lol 😘🐶💖

Oh mamma, I’m ready to rock this con! 😎 I am all set up and ready to go! 😁 Here are some of the awesome prints I’ll have at my table T1 in Artist Alley this weekend! 😀❤ I’ll be there April 21st-23rd so if you’re going to C2E2 stop by my table and say hi! 😊👋 I’m so looking forward to geeking out with all of you this weekend! 😆🎮💕 It’s gonna be a great show! 💖


I’ve been going to anime/comic conventions for eight years, yet I still can’t explain what the significance of conventions are to people without having to go through a 20 minute explanation.  It’s truly a life changing experience, I can tell you that for sure!!  Here’s just a small example, but when I was younger I thought I was the only person on this planet that used Deviantart, until I attended Sakura Con.  I ended up collecting over 50 business cards that had their DA links that year, and I thought that was the just coolest thing to know that I was not alone.  Countless other moments had occurred that year where I met more and more people who knew of and appreciated the same things that I did.  So I hope most of you can relate to that feeling of absolute bliss and joy of attending a con.  uvu
Why do you like conventions?  I’d love to hear your stories!!

This weekend flew by so quickly! It’s already the last day of C2E2! 😱 I hope you’re enjoying the con as much as I am! 🤓💕 It’s been so great so far! 😁 I still have some goodies at my booth so if you were waiting to pick something up, now’s the time to get it! 😊 I’m in Artist Alley table T1! Come stop by! 😀👍You can’t miss me, I’m by the aisle marker 😜😙💖