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Have you ever seen something you can’t explain? Heard a voice speak a warning to you as you drifted off to sleep? Ever see a woman with no face singing to herself on a long, empty road? Ever talk to a serial killer?

Then It Was Dark is now open for backers on Kickstarter! For this short time, you can get books, art prints, commissions by a bunch of talented artists and a lot more!

Then It Was Dark is a comic collection of personal paranormal experiences, true ghost stories, friend-of-a-friend tales and brushes with the unknown. It features the work of a lot of talented and diverse creators. There’s a ton of kickstarter-exclusive goodies with this project that won’t be available ever again, so check it out while it’s there!



This anthology was lovingly curated by a team of editors, featuring works from up-and-coming artists. Within these pages are tales of monsters and ghosts and families both familiar and not. Inspired by Southeast Asia, the rich culture and history of the region give the stories their own unique twist.


Includes 9 full-color comics, plus 1 PDF comic exclusive to preorders (to be sent out in July)!

Currently open for preorders from our United States location and our Singapore location. Limited stock available, so please get it while you can!

Thank you for your support!


We’ve been teasing at it for months, and it’s finally time to show our hand.

Beyond  will be returning for a second edition.  This time we’re bringing you The Beyond Anthology:  Queer Urban Fantasy and Post-Apocalypse edition.

Explore the back alley faery circles of modern magic with urban fantasy, and then follow things to the ragged, rusty edge of the end of the earth with post-apocalypse, in another volume of unquestionably queer sci-fi and fantasy comics.  

Submissions will open soon. 

In the meantime: follow and beyondanthology on twitter for updates and to be first to know when accepting submissions goes live.

- Sfé & Taneka (editors)


Hey Team! I am really excited to be able to share with you all the short story I did for the @valor-anthology this past year. My story is based on the fairytale East of the Sun and West of the Moon. This book was so much fun and amazing to work on. It was run by some truly amazing people, and has so much talent packed into the book. I am honored to be among them. You can still get copies on this anthology here! Or at any convention I am attending while they last. 

There are things we cannot see that watch us. It’s the stories we rarely tell that shape us.

Then It Was Dark is a collection of personal paranormal experiences, true ghost stories, friend-of-a-friend tales and brushes with the unknown.

Have you ever experienced something unnatural, inexplicable, or just strange? Ever seen a ghost? Ever watch a dozen blue-eyed snakes leap out of a campfire and slither away into the woods? Ever talk to a serial killer? We want your stories.

Personal experiences are best, but friend-of-a-friend stories or historical nonfiction are also good. The stories don’t have to be purely scary, they can be funny, or sad, or just strange. As long as they fit the theme of first-hand encounters with the paranormal or the unknown.

Accepted stories will be paid $35 a page, (more if the project reaches its stretch goals). We’re looking for stories that are ten pages or less right now.

If you are a writer looking for an artist, or an artist looking for a writer, we may be able to match you up.

If you are a creator with a story of your own and the chops to draw it, excellent!

If you are interested, send your pitches here. Please do not start work until your pitch is accepted (unless you just want to draw the story for yourself anyway.)

The deadline for pitches is March 15th, 2014. You can submit as many as you want, but try to narrow it down to two or three at the most.

Good luck out there.

Good luck.



Combining the talents of 35 wonderful artists, volume 2 once again incorporates interpretations of the question of where home is. The compilation will be printed in full colour and is over 110 pages of fascinating narrative and lush illustrations. We need your help to fund the printing of this book!

Act quickly and pick up great pledge rewards like commissions from our various artists, a tier that includes volume one and two together, and a philanthropic opportunity of pledging to also donate a copy to a library local to one of our artists!


FE IF Conquest Comic Anthology

Chapter six is up! It was pretty short, so decided to do that too.

Chapter 6 Zero, Nyx, Pieri, Luna, and others

Chapter 5 Joker, Dia/Deere, Midoriko, and others

Chapter 4 Foleo, Velour, Soleil, and others

Chapter 3 Marx, Lazwald, Luna, Aqua, and others

Chapter 2 Elise, Camilla, Felicia, and others

Chapter 1 Leon, Zero, Odin, and others

Please support the artists by buying the comic!

Also donate to my Pay Pal if you guys wants scans from The Making of Fire Emblem, more info here.


A brief deviation from the SG character concept doodles to remind y'all about the Black Torch Kickstarter!

We’re in the final week now!!! Just 5 days left!

Check it out! Spread the word~!

To all of you who already contributed, thank you so much for letting us hit our goal! I’ve seen the other entries, and I can guarantee that you are all in for a treat :9

We’ve got some great stretch goals too, including an awesome slip cover at 20k, if we are able to reach it. 

Also, since some of the others did this- I figure it might be cool to show you guys a tiny preview of my comic~!


Before, After, & In Between is a comic anthology featuring twelve talented artists on their take on what would happen before, after, or in between everything that goes down on December 21st 2012, the day the world is supposed to end.

This anthology will feature 200+ pages of new comics made specifically for this book. Yes that’s right, a book. We plan on compiling this into one complete book for your enjoyment and leisure. However, this means we require your help.

In the following weeks, we will be putting this project up on Kickstarter. Support of any kind will be greatly appreciated! Tell all your friends and family, be extremely excited, and follow this blog to keep up with upcoming news and more work in progress from the contributing artists. Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest.

Listen Here: Genuinely Diverse Comic Con Panels (that I was on)!

Heya, folks! With that embarrassing all-male “Women in Comics” panel from the Denver Comic Con still fresh on the comic blogs, I figure now would be a good time to link to the audio of the panels I was on this year at Emerald City Comic Con.

Strip Tease: Adult Comics and The Perverts Who Draw Them (NWS!!!) This after-hours panel features me, Erika Moen, Blue Delliquanti and Leia Weathington, talking about smutty comics, childhood misconceptions about sex, awkward teen years, and the murky origins of The Anal Safety Snails. This puppy runs a full one hour, thirty minutes long, and gets mighty salty.

Being Non-Compliant (Naughty Language) features me (eventually, I got there late), Kate Leth, Noelle Stevenson, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Erika Moen. Topics include my love/hate relationship with Dave Sim, twitter assholes, juggling adult and all-ages work, and people who feel threatened by the audience and creators of comics diversifying. Clocks in at about 50 minutes.

How To Run a Comics Anthology and Not Screw It Up has me, Kel McDonald, Taneka Stotts, and Sfé Monster. It opens with a story about a stranger hitting on my husband. The rest is on-topic, though! This is the most instructive and informative of all the panels, so if you’re thinkin’ about running your own project sometime, this might be for you! Pretty clean, and about 50 minutes. (I also mention the Kickstarter I have running right now. Hint hint!)