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Sevian  Language & Writing

Old Sevian is only used by the more secluded dragon tribes and packs (such as the Khazak tribe and the Ice dragons), but it’s often taught to royalty. It’s considered to be the original dragon language, and most (if not all) names of settlements, elements, flora and fauna have originated from old Sevian words.

The Sevian alphabet consists of 20 letters, the missing ones being Q, W, and Z. The letters I and J, U and V share the same character. The writing and the language itself is described as sharp and simplistic, seeing as most of it is done by clawing the characters into clay or stone. Letters in a single word will all be connected, while the words themselves are separated by small circles which do not touch any of the lines that make up the words.




A list of known Sevian words will be made eventually. 

A Very Beleriand Alphabet

A is for Amrod who got set on fire
B is for Beleg impaled in the mire.
C is for Curufin, kinslayer slain,
D is for Dior left out in the rain.
E is for Elurín lost in the wood,
F is for Finrod who did what he could,
G is for Gelmir, eyes stabbed with a fork,
H is for Haldad, throat cut by an Orc.
I is for Idril who got lost at sea,
J is for jumping, a bad way to flee,
K is for Kinslayers wicked and bold,
L is for Lúthien soon growing old.
M is for Morwen, buried in a mound,
N is for Nienor both lost and found,
O for Orodreth who couldn’t hang on,
P is for Petty-dwarves, bad and then gone,
Q is for Quenya - King Thingol denied her -
R for Rochallor all robbed of his rider,
S is for Sindar who died in the end,
T is for Turín who murdered his friend.
U is for Ulmo who watched them all die,
V for Voronwë uplifted on high,
W doesn’t start names much in Elfish,
And trying to Xplain why not would be selfish,
But Y is for Youth, which got slaughtered a lot,
And Zs are for sleep, which nobody got.

Captain America

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