comic again wow


If only DA characters interacted with you if you were literally staring at their faces for more than one minute. -sighs forever- 


Yatori week, Day 7: Whatever I like (Warning, spoiler text below)

“Thank you, for calling my name back then”

                 "Welcome back, Yaboku" 

I can’t believe Yatori week ended. Well it was a fun week for me with all those wonderful fanarts and fanfics. Thank you so much Yatori shippers!! I am looking forward to the next time we’ll do it again.


Connected Minds

Zergnan was created @deductionfreak
Story written by him
Art by myself

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@seungchuchuweek Day 1: Accidental Kiss

A picture later made its way onto a certain Russian’s Instagram, captioned: “Oh my, Seung-Gil, so bold!”

(Haven’t done digital in a while whoops)

Less of an “accidental kiss” and more of a “too-scared-to-do-sober kiss”. Featuring a little repeat of the infamous banquet but this time at Yuuri and Viktor’s wedding. Seung-Gil apparently kisses the nearest person when drunk, and who wouldn’t kiss beautiful boy Phichit?


2 jades i drew in class


busting out videos again. wow

Comic by @sarcasticasides


Sans and Papyrus - @tehrogue

Alphys - @thegreatcosplaypapyrus

Frisk - @tehbabyfrisk


hotarubi crossover

Attractive Target employees are intimidating.