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If only DA characters interacted with you if you were literally staring at their faces for more than one minute. -sighs forever- 


@seungchuchuweek Day 1: Accidental Kiss

A picture later made its way onto a certain Russian’s Instagram, captioned: “Oh my, Seung-Gil, so bold!”

(Haven’t done digital in a while whoops)

Less of an “accidental kiss” and more of a “too-scared-to-do-sober kiss”. Featuring a little repeat of the infamous banquet but this time at Yuuri and Viktor’s wedding. Seung-Gil apparently kisses the nearest person when drunk, and who wouldn’t kiss beautiful boy Phichit?


Yatori week, Day 7: Whatever I like (Warning, spoiler text below)

“Thank you, for calling my name back then”

                 "Welcome back, Yaboku" 

I can’t believe Yatori week ended. Well it was a fun week for me with all those wonderful fanarts and fanfics. Thank you so much Yatori shippers!! I am looking forward to the next time we’ll do it again.


2 jades i drew in class


(( There. I did it. I did the thing. I did this whole thing in a day and now I realize why I don’t do comics ever. Because they’re hard and come out looking poopy.

Also to see these full sized just right click them and do the whole “open image in new tab” thing. Since tumblr kinda shrinks them.

Anyway this would happen right before Miles returned home to Unova for the holidays/forever! He hasn’t talked to Tony yet after their fiasco and….so yeah. 

Eheh, Happy Holidays? ))

Attractive Target employees are intimidating.