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Okay the thing about this is Harley Quinn is also an extremely sexual character and ALWAYS FUCKING HAS BEEN! She ENJOYS IT! The people making these posts are also the people posting about how women should be able to choose what they do with there bodies. In the Batman universe HARLEY CHOOSES TO BE SEXUAL AND ALWAYS HAS!! SUICIDE SQUAD DID NOT SEXUALIZE HER! SHE’S ALWAYS BEEN SEXUAL!

ever since her original appearance in 1992 where she wore a skin tight suit in a show meant for little kids

In the comic Mad Love 1994 she tries to sauce the Joker! Even wearing lingerie she’s still got a personality.

even the 2001 comic Harley Quinn had her drawn very explicitly for the time

In the 2002 TV show she wore an open top, seen as extremely inappropriate


Let’s jump to 2008 where she was seen in Lego Batman and even made a sexy lego!

her 2009 apperance in Arkham Asylum, a game made for adults rather than children gave the creators a way to expand on the sexual undertones of her character and dress her accordingly 

Now that the media is more accepting of sexual characters and the NEW 52 reboot, the design for the 2011 Suicide Squad comic looks a bit hotter

and SHOCKER the 2011 Arkham City comes out less sexual than the comic book

With the new comics of course comes a new Harley Quinn in 2013

2015 marked the release of Arkham Knight


My point is Harley Quinn has ALWAYS been a character with sexual undertones, and as the original audience became adults and the world changed, Harley’s looks have changed to more display this characteristic. In Suicide Squad she was still funny, awesome, and did her best to encourage her team. She’s still the same Harley Quinn my dad grew up on. Just in a different package. Enjoy ALL Harley Quinns, not just the ones that fit your mindset on modesty. She’s not meant to be a modest person. 

EDIT Okay, so, apparently I did make a mistake. I’m sorry, the “you make me so thorny” line IS in fact an edit. I checked almost everything else in this post, and it took 2 hours to even make. So I’m depressed that that slipped by me. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

Nothing else has to be said.

//we can pretend Lara managed to snag the climbing axe off Mathias before he fell to his death. It really looks good on her.

I personally dedicate this to @asynca for her amazing fan fiction on these two.