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Do you have any advice for someone that just started their first webcomic? Like, if you could go back and tell your younger self what to watch out for and work on, what would you say? (Sorry if this is too broad I'm just still figuring things out...)

Hm! Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, so I’ll do my best to be thorough here. I don’t have rock solid advice, more like… a collection of things to be aware of:

• find your strengths and the constraints you’ll be working under, and run with them. If you are quick at drawing and can finish a stack of pages per week, create a buffer and update on a regular schedule. If you’re detail-oriented and want to run the comic as more of a hobby, relax and draw your pages at your own pace and update whenever (although if you’re trying to build a readership, it does help to keep to a schedule). don’t stress about anyone else’s workflow, output, audience, or style

• you don’t need to be friends with every single person who also draws a webcomic. it’s always ideal to be civil to your “coworkers”, but there’s no social expectation for every accountant to be friends with one another– so there should be no reason to attempt to ingratiate yourself with people you don’t like. I’ve tried, it’s not worth it. You’ll fall into your own friend group naturally, give it time

• if someone calls you out on writing/drawing something suspect, take the time to listen to them. you don’t need to bend over backwards to please everyone on the internet, but you do need to be aware and sensitive to all manner of criticism! you are a one-person publisher– you have the power to educate and correct yourself/your content, and to do better in the future.

• on a related note: don’t be afraid to edit your comic as you go! chances are, it will take years to finish, and by the time you’re done you almost certainly will have outgrown it. screw consistency, keep yourself happy

• draw the comic at print res, even if you don’t think you’ll ever make a book. you might change your mind. do yourself a favour

• sell books at 3x the printing cost and figure out your shipping prices before you list them


My DC Super Hero Girls wave ONE is now COMPLETE! These dolls look very promising and colorful, which I love! Definitely a line worth collecting! Many of you asked me how you can get your hands on these beauties, and here’s the answer: Target stores currently have them in their inventory. Each case comes with 6 dolls, and the core six are separated in two difference cases.
The first case includes two Harley Quinn dolls, two Bumblebee dolls and two Poison Ivy dolls. This case has a DPCI (only for Target use), which is 086-14-0181. The second case includes two Wonder Woman dolls, two Supergirl dolls and two Batgirl dolls. This case has a DPCI (only for Target use), which is 086-14-0169. NOTE: These dolls have a street date of February 28, 2016. A street date is kind of like a ‘release date’ for a product, that’s why they can’t have them out on the floor. Some Target stores claim they can’t sell them until that date, but they do ring up at the register for $19.99 + tax. It is up to the sells person and management if they want to sell them to you, so good luck!
Each doll has an Amazon listing as well, but they still don’t provide any information on when you can buy them, so I will share those links later. However, below I’ve added each dolls’ UPC (bar)code numbers for you to take to other retail stores like Walmart, Toys “R” Us and such, so they can tell you if they have them available. Here are the UPC codes:

Batgirl™: UPC # 887961267396
Wonder Woman™: UPC # 887961267389
Bumblebee™: UPC # 887961267358
Harley Quinn™: UPC # 887961267419
Supergirl™: UPC # 887961267365
Poison Ivy™: UPC # 887961267402

I hope you guys appreciate this information we are sharing exclusively to our social media pages. I wish you the best of luck on finding these beauties, they are totally worth it! Please don’t forget to “LIKE” our newest ‘DC Super Hero Girls Dolls’ Facebook page for upcoming information on this line, here’s the link:
Once again I appreciate your constant support on my fan pages, I love having the fans involved! Don’t forget to share your pictures once you find the DC Super Hero Girls Dolls - Happy hunting! <3

W E   E L I T E   F O U R   B O I Z. 

Starting off with my favrite Unova E4 member too! Click thru the image or click here to read the update :]

If you wish to read from the beginning, here are some links to check. Tumblr blog is more of a infodump site while the rest are for reading the series.

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