Here’s a July pep talk.  Cheers to romanticizing the heck out of everything for the sake of poetry and creating your own happiness !!!!! *:・゚✧  Most importantly, don’t compare your summer to anyone else’s.  Live by your own standards and you’ll be lots, lots happier.


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Red White and Rainbow stripes 

 Marriage equality!! Fuck yes USA!! Congratulations!!

But is in incredibly amusing to me how people on the internet are acting like it happened to the whole world and not just the US, what with various logos changing to rainbow colors and what not.

Clockwork Page 48

Text is now blurred for the next few pages because THE CLIMAX  HAS BEGUN - IT’S HAPPENING OH GOD I’VE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THIS

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More of behind the scenes on how I use reference pictures for these.

As you can see I just want to stay true to the idea of what I see, but always feel free to change things as I go. My proportions on my character design have huge heads so it’s easier to draw the overall gesture first, just like I’d do in life drawing, then stylize with exaggerated proportions over the gesture.