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my Grass type collection, I thought it would have been a cute idea if tamed grass types just hung around in pots like how dogs have beds, and their trainers decorate the pots and water their mons and take a billion pictures of their mons loafing in their pots on the window sill.

the only down side I could imagine is muddy little foot prints or sand/gravel spread all up and down the house after the mon is done hanging out in their pot

Heated Kisses

This short one-shot was inspired by this picture drawn by Hiro Mashima. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: A bad date and a poker game later, Lucy finds herself in the arms of a fiery dragon slayer. Will their passion get the better of them? Or will they end up challenging each other because they’re two stubborn wizards?

Rated T: Foul language and some suggestive themes.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Humor/Romance

Word Count: 2,237

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Lucy opened the door to her apartment. She was mentally exhausted. Yet another one of her dates went awful. There wasn’t exactly anything wrong with him like the others, he just didn’t catch her interest. None of them seemed to be able to do that…

After a long soak in her bath she was feeling a little more refreshed, but she still couldn’t shake the thought that she would never find the right guy. It didn’t make sense to her. She’d been trying to date for the better part of six months now, and never had she made it past the first date.

She’d shared a few kisses with them, but that was it. It never made it past a rare goodnight kiss at the door, then she would never see them again. She didn’t think it was fair to waste her time or theirs. She didn’t want to say she was one of those people who believed that they should feel fireworks explode when they have their first kiss, but she couldn’t deny that her bar was set pretty high. So far no guy had made her knees weak or made her see stars.

Lucy sighed, wondering if she was just not meant to be with someone. In nothing but a towel, she strolled over to her closet, her feet barely lifting from the floor as she walked. She pulled out a simple tank top and white mini skirt, knowing they would be comfy since the weather had started to warm up. She didn’t think she’d be leaving her home again today anyway, so there was no point in worrying about her wardrobe.

Lucy was about to walk over to her desk to start writing, but a loud and cheery voice startled her.

“Hey Lucy!”

Said girl flinched, letting out an ‘eep’ as she whirled around to see the pink haired fire dragon slayer sitting on her living room floor. “Natsu! What the hell are you doing here?!”

Natsu raised a brow. “I came to hang out with you!” He said as if it were obvious, because to him, it was. He always loved spending time with her. “I didn’t see you at the guild this morning.”

“That’s because I was out on a date,” Lucy turned, not catching the way Natsu’s eye twitched when she said ‘date’. “Where’s Happy? I swear if he’s raiding my fridge again I’ll-”

“Happy’s not here,” Natsu answered, his tone a little dejected.

Lucy easily picked up on his mood change. “What’s wrong with you?” She asked, forgetting she was in nothing but a towel.

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The Signs As Autumn Things

Aries: Hot Chocolate

Taurus: Boots

Gemini: Leaves Changing Color

Cancer: Wooly Scarves

Leo: Pumpkin Spice Everything

Virgo: Sweater Weather

Libra: Comfy Clothing

Scorpio: Candles

Sagittarius: Pie

Capricorn: Dark-colored Lipstick/Dark Make-up

Aquarius: Baking

Pisces: Falling Leaves