comfy monster

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Ooo, headcanons for a deathclaw bf?

I REALLY want one of these dudes to snuggle, you have NO clue.

He’s going to keep you safe, that’s for sure. He’ll destroy anything hostile that gets within your personal space. Or a quarter mile.

He’s not going to really listen to you when you tell him NOT to smash that non-essential, but he might not smash them so hard. You, know: compromise.

He lets you walk only because you were very adamant about your ability to do so, not because he wants you to. The way he sees it, you’re much safer seated behind his horns. As it is, if you’re injured in the field, he’s carrying you to the closest settlement. Nothing you say will dissuade him and you’re not getting away from him, either. He’s got the muscles and the will to use them.

At night, he’ll lie beside you, curled around you to protect you; this is most apparent when camping out in the wild, as there’s not really much of anything that wants to mess with your big scaly boyfriend. His hulking mass shields you from their eyes, and it’s more than once prevented confrontation and thievery. In addition, you’re pretty sure he just enjoys it, as you do. He’s really quite comfy.

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ok but what if as he aged, steven started wearing clothes that gave him easier access to his gem until eventually he owned nothing but crop tops

yeah dude I’m down for that. crop tops would be hella comfy to fight monsters in also so overall a win/win