comfy coat

how can i say no to a little bit of winter when it’s finally July!?!? I CAN’T!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 so i was reading @kyluxinferno and @kyluxtrashcompactor ‘s modern AU fic “Balance” over on AO3 ~ and there’s this scene in chapter two (no spoilers) where Hux and Kylo are talking and it’s just… so… KYLUXY!? like… “i’m bitter and full of sass but i’m into you” hahaha!! XD and i just loved the imagery so much that i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some snow, big coats, and dramatic lighting!!! HEHEHE!! ((O  w O)) <3 drawing these two is becoming so comfortable it’s therapeutic… (= //w//=) <3 i really like it… *sigh* <3