comfy baby clothes

More things to notice

• Glitter on people’s faces (like where did it come from idk but ily)
• The things that your friends get excited about
• The sound of an instrument playing from a distance
• Eye colors
• The sunlight on beach sand while the sun is setting
• The way puppies have softer faces than the rest of their bodies
• How the sunset makes everything warmer and more orange
• Anything about a person that makes them unique (i.e. Birthmarks, freckles, scars)
• When it’s cold outside and you can feel the sun hitting you and warming you
• When it’s hot outside and you feel a cool breeze
• All the different types of dogs you see in public
• Large groups of small flowers
• Harmonies and instrumentals in songs (all of the noise that isn’t the main singer)
• Fat bumblebees that buzz around your face :)
• Comfy clothes
• Baby cows in groups of cows on the side of the road
• Trees (seriously I see so many cool bendy trees look out more for cool trees)
• Certain smells that you associate with places
• Love for friends

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For the drabbles (if theyre still open!) #18, Jungkook, and either Jungsh00k Au or Fuckboy!Jungkook 😍 Whichever one you think fits it the best. Also I have to say that your writing honestly makes me so damn happy okay oml ❤️❤️ Dont push yourself, and stay healthy!

hello thank you so much for asking! i hope you like it! it’s a continuation from my previous fuckboy!jungkook drabble, hope that’s okay!

18. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”


part one 

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Imagine - Being an 1D uncle

In order to the massive notes that I had on that Twitter Imagine, I decide to give a little gift to you all. Hope you like it.

If you don’t know what imagine I’m talking about, you can read it HERE

LOUIS: “Babe, you really have to see this!” Y/N entered the kitchen in such a rush that my heart almost went out of my throat. Thomas Payne, Liam’s boy, was at my place tonight so Liam could go out with his missus. I seriously thought that he got in some trouble, and Liam of course wouldn’t forgive me, so I rush behind Y/N to see what was happening. She led me to our room, where our baby boy, who was only 3 months old, being held by Thomas while he sang some silly songs to him. I couldn’t kept the smile off my face to see how gentle he was with my boy. Just like his dad was with us. “You should stop crying. My daddy said that singing help to make you feel better.” Thomas said and Y/N couldn’t hold a whimper. Thomas was absolutely like his dad, caring about the others and always trying to help.

ZAYN: “So, what do you want to watch?” I said to the two kiddos in front of me. The girl had her mum’s eyes, and the boys sure would get the Styles curls to himself, who wouldn’t? “We want The Lion King, uncle Z!” “Lion King it is then! I’m going to make some popcorn to us and then we should build a pillow fort! What do you guys think?” I said excited to them and they yelled in agreement. “YEAH! High-five!” They both hit my hand. “Now go change into your pajamas and I’ll go get the things we’ll need.” They went running to the stair, Darcy was younger, but faster. “Uncle Z?” George called to me in the middle of the stair. “Yes, mate?” I turned to him. “You’re the best uncle in the world.” He blew me a kiss and went to change clothes with his sister. And I couldn’t keep the smile away from my face for an entire week.

HARRY: “Uncle Harry!” Ella ran to me as she saw that I was at home. “Hey beautiful! Did you were a good girl for auntie today?” I asked and she nodded smiling to me. “You always are a good girl, come give uncle Haz a hug then.” She hugged me again tightly and started to cry. “Hey hey sweetie, what got you so worked up?” I walked to the kitchen where Y/N probably and with Ella in my arms who was still crying. “What happened to her darling?” I asked to Y/N and gave her a peck on the lips. “I don’t know love, she’s been crying all day and don’t want to talk about it. I tried a lot of things.” She came next to me and a put Ella on the kitchen stall. “Tell uncle Haz what happened, love.” Y/N caressed her head and she nodded to us. “I love your food, auntie Y/N. And I love your cuddles uncle Haz, but I really miss daddy and mummy. When is he coming to pick me up?” My heart was almost sinking in my chest and there was barely nothing I could do about that. Y/N let a few tears drop down her face and kissed her head. I sighed and let a small smile come from my lips. “Look love, your grandma is not feeling so good lately, so your daddy and mummy had to go there to take good care of here. I bet he’s coming soon, alright?” I smiled but knew that her grandma wasn’t going to be ok. “And, I brought something for you. I know how much you love your daddy’s books, so I want to give one to you!” I got the little package from my jacket and her eyes lit up immediately. “My first book! Thank you so much uncle Haz!” she smiled brightly to me and ran upstairs to open the gift. I hugged Y/N and let the tears fall down. Later that evening, I found Ella in the bedroom pretending she was reading her present and very proud of the words she was pretending to say.

NIALL: “Are you done with the girls, babe?” I asked for the 5th time outside the bathroom where Y/N was with the Tomlinson Twins. “Yeah, I think we are done!” She opened the door and two little girls rushed outside to show me how beautiful auntie Y/N made them look. “You two look very very pretty! Here, let me take a picture of you two!” I snapped a picture and they were all smiles. “We are as pretty as mummy and auntie Y/N, right uncle Ni?” Sophia smiled to me and I hugged them both. “You two are even more prettier than them. My two precious nieces!” They grabbed my hand and we stormed out of my house to go straight to the park. While Y/N was almost left behind laughing at how excited the girls were.

LIAM: “BABE, COME HERE TO SEE WHAT I BROUGHT TO ELIJAH!” I entered the house screaming for Y/N and was so excited to put new clothes on my stepson that I couldn’t wait to do it as soon as possible. Zayn was in Bradford with the missus and left Elijah for us to take care. “Yay, did you get some new comfy clothes baby boy?” Y/N asked to him who was in her lap as she sat on the couch next to me. I tickled his belly and he smiled brightly to me. “Look baby, there’s a beanie, a plaid shirt, a pair of boots, nice jeans…” I got all out of the bag and Y/N was smiling at me while Elijah was paying attention to everything, barely understanding what we were saying. “Let’s change your clothes, little man?” I take him from her arms and he smiled to me while Y/N changed him. She was finishing making a knot with the plaid shirt and we put them on his feet to see how it looked. Instantly we fell in laughter and he didn’t even understand why. “He looks just like you babe!” Y/N said and hold his arms up to steady him. “Hot as hell, huh little heartrob!” we smiled even harder and I took a picture of him to send to his dad that called my laughing his ass off through the phone.

A/N: I’m sorry that some are longer than others. I just went through with it. :D Hope you like it!