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Happy Birthday, Cozette! ♡

It’s @glorlfy’s birthday!  I am so, so glad that we have become friends, I know we’re over 1,000 miles away, but you’re so dear to me and I am so lucky that you’re in my life! Keep shining your beauty, you star! I LOVE YOU! ♡

The crisp October breeze, hummed against the window frames in your upper east, New York apartment. Sitting on the couch you enjoyed a good book and some warm tea, still steaming from the hot water you had poured into the mug moments ago. Fuzzy socks, leggings, and a sweater were your current apparel, comfy as ever, curled up quietly. Monday’s were usually rather hectic, but not today. Today was your day, literally! So, you opted to stay home and take time to yourself. All was peaceful, until your boyfriend, unexpectedly, burst through the front door. 

“Babe, we’re goin’ out!” Philip announced.

“Umm, I’m sorry, where?” You questioned, curious as to what he had planned, unaware of him telling you of any events he had in store.

“We,” he came over, kissing the top of your head, “are going ice skating!”

Holding his arms out dramatically, he smiled widely at you. You were taken aback, you didn’t know how, nor had you ever been ice skating. Had he? He never mentioned it, but Philip was always a surprise. 

“Okay…,” you tried to sound excited, even though you were a little nervous. 

“It’ll be so much fun,” Philip assured you, grabbing your cat, Sammy, who had been grooming himself, innocently on the edge of the couch, “we’ll go down to Rockefeller Center, rent some skates, and dance around holding hands.”

You giggled a little as Philip swung poor Sammy around like a dance partner, before sitting down on the couch next to you. 

“So, whadaya say, birthday girl? I’ll take you out to dinner too,” Philip gave you sweet eskimo kisses, then pulled back to see your expression. 

You set your book down on the side table, “how about this, I’ll let you take me ice skating, for the sheer amusement, because that’s what it’ll be, if we can come back home and share a quiet night together, sound fair?”

“Anything you want, princess,” Philip gave you a soft kiss on the lips, smiling happily that you accepted his offer. 

It didn’t take too long to get ready, you threw on some jeans and kept the comfy sweater, simply adding a scarf for fashion points. Your winter boots weren’t quite needed yet, so you just went with a cute pair of shoes, knowing you’d have to take them off for the skates anyway. Philip was more than eager, practically bouncing where he stood as he waited. He told you to leave your purse, he had a key. Making sure Sammy had enough food, you headed out, hand in hand with Philip. Finding the nearest bus stop, you both waited. You couldn’t help but smile at how excited Philip seemed about the whole situation.

“I didn’t know you liked ice skating this much,” you laughed, catching Philip’s attention. 

“Well, ya know, it’s not everyday I get to go with a beautiful young lady such as yourself,” he countered, an expression of pure joy spread across his face.

“Oh, stop it,” you blushed a little, looking down and nudging him a bit, “there are plenty of actually beautiful girls that would love to go with you.”

“No ma’am, no negativity,” Philip shook his head, “you’re the most beautiful girl in New York, no the United Stated, no the world, no,” he held up his arms, “the universe!”

Just as Philip yelled his last statement, your bus arrived. Slight embarrassment fell over you as everyone on the bus had heard his exclamation, but Philip didn’t care. Smiling at the bus driver, he lead you to an open spot. Nuzzling up close to Philip, the bus was freezing, you literally could not wait to be at the rink, because at least it’d be warmer. Philip held you close, trying to keep you as warm as possible, occasionally rubbing your arms. You were the first two off the bus, with no hesitation! Walking a little further, you found the rink. There were a lot of people… Clinging onto Philip’s arm a little tighter you began to get quiet, indicating you were anxious. Philip did all the talking when renting the skates, he knew your shoe size, so you could focus on finding a positive space.

“You okay, babe?” Philip asked, when you sat down on a bench to switch from shoes into the skates. 

“Y-yeah,” you nodded, “there’s just a lot of people and if I fall theu’l probably all laugh…”

“I got you,” Philip held your hand, “it’s our date, me and you, no one else, we’re gonna have fun, right?”

You nodded with a faint smile. Managing to get on the rink, you balanced yourself, unsteadily. This was a new experience for you and certainly not an easy one. Holding your arms out you were a little shaky, mostly keeping your feet still, not trying to move yet. When you got the courage to try and actually skate, you became dreadfully wobbly, sudden anxiety struck your chest, is this how you ended? Falling over on an ice rink? But before your mind could completely plan out your over dramatic death scene, Philip’s arms came around your waist, supporting you. 

“Told you, I gothca,” he kissed your cheek, coming around to take your hand and gently glide around with you.

The majority of the time, your nails were digging into his bicep, hand or forearm to find a stronghold. Soon all the other people didn’t matter to you, it was just you and your Philip having the time of your life. For a while he stood behind you, holding onto your waist, making you laugh at the reference to the famous Titanic scene. Loosing track of time you didn’t ever realise how late it was until the ice rink was closing. The ride home was much better now that you weren’t anxious about how skating would go. Holding onto Philip’s hand and leaning into his shoulder as you arrived back to your shared apartment, you couldn’t believe the wonderful human being that you called yours was actually yours. Waiting for Philip to open the apartment door you, closed your eyes and smiled to yourself. 

“Hey, babe,” Philip spoke softly. 

“Hmm?” you looked up at him through your eyelashes, with a feeling of pure bliss.

“I think there’s something for you,” Philip pointed at the front door. 

With a questioning look you pulled away from him and reached for the doorknob, twisting and pushing it open, an abundance of rose petals were strewn throughout the apartment. A few glided back as the breeze from the door pushed them away from the door. Walking in you noticed a few candles lit, and little birthday cake on your kitchen table. Philip closed the door behind you both as he watched your expression of happiness grow. When you came closer to the cake it held candles and read ‘happy birthday,” with your name in the center and a white rose made of frosting to the side. 

“Philip, I-” you turned, eyes bright and a smile of your face, completely speechless. 

Closing the space between the two of you, he wrapped his arms around you and swayed back and forth gently singing happy birthday to you, kissing the side of your neck when he was finished.

“You know this is all a major fire hazard,” you giggled, still in his arms, but turning to face him. 

“Yeah well, you’re the hottest thing here, so,” Philip shrugged. 

“Oh my God, seriously?” 

“You know it,” he snuggled you close, pressing a kiss to your lips one more time, “happy birthday, Love.”

Jessica Jones Binge Survival Kit

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your favorite Jessica related playlist to get pumped up!  If you don’t have one, you’re welcome to try mine here and here!
  • Booze (optional I suppose, but Jessica wouldn’t judge you)
    • Plus you can use the empty cans/bottles in case of bathroom emergencies in the middle of an episode!
  • Tissues (trust me you’ll need them)
  • Takeout menu of your choice (13 hours is a very long time okay!)
  • Snacks (see above)
  • Caffeine (if you’re like me and staying up to watch the entire show as soon as it’s online, you’ll need it)
  • Comfy apparel (Jessica Jones related apparel is optional but recommended)
  • Alias comic book, for when a line is quoted word for word and you frantically look through the comics to find it
  • Themed cake or dessert (who doesn’t need cake?)
  • Comfort pillow or stuffed animal for when the show gets dark and psychologically terrifying
  • Your cool (hahahahah just fucking with you I don’t even have that one)
  • Relevant reading or magazines!!

What’s in your kit, @jessicajones ??