comfy apparel


Rocking my ever so comfy hello apparel sweatshirt today.

We ran out of egg muffins so frambled eggs made a come back this morning. I was pretty pumped about it. Plus two pieces of fruit because I can and all the peanut butter.

Feeling good today. I like to listen to Pitch Perfect pandora while I get ready for work. It always makes me happy. I also like to troll the team pages on WLC site and comment on everyone’s posts.

It’s casual Friday!
These jeans are too big! (Hooray!)
It’s been 2 weeks into the Whole Life Challenge and it’s going great.

Oh and someone is supposed to be buying a plane ticket tomorrow to visit me for my birthday!!! ( hint: it’s a handsome bearded crossfitting chef from Kansas!!)

Just happy all around today. It’s wonderful.