Eventually, he didn’t just see the visions of hands.  He felt them, running the tip of the long nails along his cheek, down to his jaw.  A line down his chest, like they were deciding where they’d cut him open, where the next part of him would be ripped out and replaced with a metal weapon.

When he held his arms up, he could see them both.  They were both human.  They were natural.

But he knew what came next.

Spark to Ignite by @bosstoaster is rlly good please read it

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I just realized something. When Pidge is showing Matt around the castle, we get to see her messy and obviously personalized room. Then I made myself sad by thinking avout the fact that we've seen Keith's room in every single season before and it's always completely empty... I'm not sure how to read into this.

…….I think you know exactly how to read into this, you just don’t want to think about it. Because same.

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Antok has a dream in an alternate reality where he didn't die about his death. What he doesn't realize is that when he thrashes in his sleep so does his tail and he almost strangles poor Lance who just wanted to help.

Awwwwwwwwwwww D: my poor babies!

I’m going to switch this up a bit and say that antok almost DID die during that battle but he did survive the fight. So it’s a couple of days after he is out of the pod, probably a week, and he’s sleeping along side Lance when he starts to dream about his near death experience.

at first Lance just thinks that Antok is just one of those people who move around in their sleep and doesn’t really pay much mind to it until Antok starts to growl and there are tears sliding down his cheeks.

Mean while, Antok is dreaming about what could have happened, him actually dying and having to witness from his ‘ghost state’ Lance grieving over his death and having to watch Lance continue fighting even though he’s still broken hearted and a totally mess over Antok’s death, ultimately leading to Lance’s own death, and Antok having to watch through it all.

Lance tries to wake him up by taking ahold of Antok’s shoulders and shaking him, getting really worried when he keeps repeating Lance’s name over and over in such a desperate and sad tone, only for Antok to startle awake and reflexively go to attack whatever intruder tried to wake him up, still caught up in the memory of his dream he doesn’t realize that it’s Lance that he has pinned to the floor with his tail squeezing around his throat until Lance reaches up and wipes away a stray tear on Antok’s cheek, calling him by his pet name. Once Antok realizes that it’s Lance under him he immediately stops choking him, moving as far away as he can while Lance gets his breathing under control. Antok can see, even in the darkness of Lance’s room, the terrible bruising around Lance’s neck from his tail and is caught off guard by the waves of guilt that roll through him bc he did that to his boyfriend, to the one person that he wants to protect with his life and live for.

Lance goes up to Antok slowly, whispering reassurances to him while trying to get him to focus on something other than the bruising on his neck. He’s able to get into Antok’s lap and promises him that he’s not mad, that everything will be okay with them. Antok holds Lance close to him, biting his head into Lance’s shoulder as he lightly peppers kisses on Lance’s neck, scared that if he lets go for an instance that Lance will take back what he said, or worse his dream was actually real and Lance will be actually be dead in his arms. All the while, Lance comforts him, running his fingers through his hair strip, telling him everything is going to be okay, that he was there with him.

That’s one of the few times that Lance has ever seen Antok cry

Try | Gladiolus Amicitia x Reader

RATING: General | GENRE: Hurt/Comfort | 1,047 words
SUMMARY: You’re trying your best, and Gladio sees that.

It’s a disgusting and unpleasant feeling that claws at your throat and settles in deep in the pit of your stomach. Your muscles scream and bones creak in protest, begging you to stop torturing your body already, but the ache in your heart is much more painful, and it overwhelms your body’s physical reaction. You realize that it’s unhealthy to continue as you are, but with each and every single breath you take, you are only met with silence and silence alone.

It’s not enough.

That simple yet heavy fact echoes in all corners of your mind, endless and annoying, but you can’t shut it up. No matter how many times you plug your ears or shout, those three words repeat continuously, not giving you a moment for yourself. It keeps you up at night and does an incredible number on your physical and mental well-being.

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