comforting twins more like oh god i cant do this

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ok but listen to this: modern au where Cosette and Enjolras are twins. And Enjolras is all like "You don't want to date Marius, he's a fuckboy" basically protective Enjolras

oh my god

p l e a s e

but cosette wont take any shit from her brother like she can do whatever the fuck she wants and actually it just makes her want to date marius even more and can we introduce eponine into this? shes one of enjolras’ oldest friends and he has a comfortably cuddly platonic relationship with her (because shes in love with both marius and cosette sorry i didnt mean for polyamory to come up i cant help it) and they sometimes sit and pine together while watching crappy romcoms and eating ice cream everyone thinks theyre together when they first meet them and sometimes they use it to their advantage to get rid of unwanted suitors

and back to cosette shes a m a z i n g like marius is so smitten by her he would do absolutely anything for her and he worships the ground she walks on and cosettes like to enjolras when he says u dont want to date him “at least im dating the person i like” because enjolras just sits and pines over grantaire but cosette also really likes eponine but shes scared that eponine doesnt like her like that and she confesses to enjolras one time and he just stares at her like r u serious eponine is literally the least subtle person when it comes to pining