comforting gif

Imagine Merlin finding out that you’re a witch. He would see, how you used your magic to heal an old man and comfort you when you started to panic.
“Merlin.. I- Please, don’t tell anybody. I promise, I will leave Camelot, I’ll be gone in the morning and-”. But he stopped you by grabbing your shoulders and holding you a fiew inches away from him. He’d smile and his eyes would glow in a flaming orange for a second.
“It’s okay. I trust you, Y/n. I am here for you”

Imagine Cedric comforting you after you had a nightmare. He’d lay his hands on your cheeks while kissing your forehead and give you a warm smile.
“Hey, it’s okay, it was just a nightmare. Do you know why? Because that’s the only possible situation where I am not right next to you to protect you”