comforting comfort


I’ve been doing a lot of movement studies lately to finally get the “full figures and dynamic poses give me headache” problem out of my way. These are in large part referenced from invaluable motion sequences by Eadweard Muybridge.

Of course I imagine it’s Corvo training, because it makes my life more beautiful.

Cheers <3

I’m realizing that I am on my own in what I make of me
But there will always be people cheering on for me
And even though stepping out of my comfort zone is excruciating
They will always let me stay a while in theirs
To rest and recharge
And then move on and reach the stars
—  This post is inspired by all the support and guidance my family as well as @mortalghost and @mylesbianmanifesto are providing me to make a difficult decision 💗

A Thought™: both Johnny and Max have a tendency to ramble when stressed (Max makes snark but it’s still rambling) but when they’re alone together and stressed about smth or getting Existential, one of them will kiss the other so they stop talking