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Dear journaling enthusiast,

You’re here because you love notebooks. You love sturdy hardcovers and flexible spines, pages that crinkle when you turn them and fine-tipped pens.

You probably know the pleasure of curling up with only a notebook and your thoughts. You love to turn back through the pages, admiring your own handwriting and the narrative of your life.

But how often have you used your notebook as a force of positive change? Do you just write about your day…every day…or do you want to get something more out of it?

Journaling isn’t just a form of self-expression, it’s a method of vibrant growth, change, and healing.

Let me just ask you one thing: do you feel secure about the steps you’ve taken to achieve your personal and professional dreams? Are you confident about your ability to succeed?

If you’ve haven’t done everything you can…if you find yourself overwhelmed by all the things you want to do (but don’t have enough time for), then keep reading.

As we approach the beginning of autumn, we open ourselves to new beginnings.

The start of the school year is a blank slate upon which you write your hopes and dreams and wishes for all that you hope to succeed in the future.

But maybe you could write your hopes and dreams in your journal.

What if there were guidelines that would enable you to realize those goals and hold yourself accountable for them?

With just one notebook, you can set up an entire system for understanding, setting, and tracking your personal goals.

Imagine sitting at your desk at the end of the day. Your journal is open in front of you. You sip from a mug of warm tea between sentences.

There’s a stack of finished homework and completed projects next to you, and you’ve even had time to pursue some of your own personal goals.

Maybe in your free time you’ve been practicing an instrument, studying a language, or improving your art or writing. Maybe you’re training for a sports team, a marathon, or just trying to get fit and healthy.

Maybe you finally found the time to get caught up on your scrapbooking backlog or you had the energy to get motivated to clean your room from top to bottom, making it look as clean and chic as a picture in a magazine.

Imagine having one little notebook that you can carry around with you, filled with your own personal musings, goals, dreams, desires, inspiration, and success stories.

Imagine that at the end of the day, you write down a list of everything you’ve accomplished…and you have pages more in your journal, detailing the hard work you’ve done and the things you’ve achieved.

Whatever your hobbies, passions, and goals for the future — they can be achieved.

If you love to write, journal, create, explore, and set goals, then the productivity system I recommend in my ebook “Journaling Your Goals: Prompts, Motivation, and Advice to Help You Achieve Your Dreams” will definitely work for you.

If you track the #studyspo tag, love “productivity porn,” follow @writingnotebooks, or get a kick out of seeing other people’s notebooks, journals, and workspaces, then you’ll love “Journaling Your Goals.”

Here’s a bit of what you’ll get if you read JYG:

  • What supplies and tools you’ll need
  • How to format your notebook for optimal success
  • How to brainstorm and set goals
  • How to set and track challenges to push yourself to new levels of success (and fun!)
  • How to become obsessed with your projects
  • How to create a life wheel
  • How to use rituals and automate your routines to motivate you
  • How to figure out your values
  • How to visualize your goals
  • How to prep with a checklist

And that’s just getting started. JYG also includes sections on:

  • How to overcome crippling fear and doubt
  • How pop culture inspiration like Harry Potter, Supernatural, and video games can motivate you to succeed
  • How to be “YOU 2.0
  • How to associate hard work with good things
  • How to go “Adventure Studying
  • How aiming for rejection can make you a more confident person
  • How to find a mentor, a role model, and a support system
  • How to create a personal manifesto
  • How to celebrate your achievements

As a recent grad and someone who’s been journaling since childhood, I developed this system based on my own needs for personal motivation and goal-setting.

JYG is a four week program which includes:

Week One: Here and Now

Week Two: Reflect

Week Three: Act on It

Week Four: Moving Forward

With JYG, you get more than just writing prompts, inspiration, and advice. More sections include:

  • How to make a memory jar
  • How to set New Year’s Resolutions
  • How to nourish your soul through self care and spiritual routines
  • How to make a comfort box
  • How to reward yourself and enjoy simple pleasures on your path to success

However, this system isn’t just for students. It can be used by a wide range of individuals, from stay-at-home moms/dads to people in the workforce.

Even my mother, who got an advance copy of my ebook when she supported it in the crowdfunding stage, told me that she didn’t expect to learn anything new…but was pleasantly surprised to find lots of accessible information that she was able to apply to her own life goals.

If office supplies make your heart go pitter-pat…

If you love order and organization — or if you aren’t organized enough and need a system to help you structure your productivity…

…then you’ll love “Journaling Your Goals.”

The best thing about JYG? It costs less than the Frappuccino you’re going to buy at Starbucks when you sit down with my ebook and a fresh, blank notebook, ready to start applying the tips and techniques to jumpstart your goals.

And guess what? Journaling Your Goals is available on Amazon for only US$2.99.

Almost 30,000 words of handy tricks, life hacks, and inspiration. $3 value.

When you’re about to start buying school supplies, what is $3? It probably costs about as much as a school notebook. Less than the price of a pack of nice pens.

Don’t forget that you’ll have direct access to the author if you ever have any questions or concerns. I’m here at @writingnotebooks and my ask box is always open, so you can reach me at any time.

Do yourself and your dreams a favor by investing in “Journaling Your Goals.” Start the school year off right. Get organized and motivated for everything you’re about to achieve.

Journaling Your Goals: Prompts, Motivation, and Advice to Help You Achieve Your Dreams is available in the US and most international stores on Amazon.





Be well. Do good things. And best of luck. I believe in you!


(photos courtesy of my own self, @eighty-eightphotography, @thenotebookdoodles, @artistnicholerae, @justparis, @karyboo21, @succubus-studies, and more)


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