“Slow build is my kink”, aka the fic rec nobody asked for. 

This features impressions more than anything, as I don’t trust myself to adequately describe these pieces without falling into passionate praise anyway. This is a list of absolute favourites, fics to read and re-read and be buried with.

Mail Order Spy by 35grams
AU… Many AUs. Masterpiece. Never read anything like it, this captivating. It’s miles above, it’s beyond a lot of things. It’s genius.

Listing by 35grams
Canonverse. It never weakens, never gives you time to rest nor be comforted. Sets the most beautiful ache deep into your very bones. Leaves you quite not the same.

Dresden by hedera_helix (ongoing)
WWII AU. It reads real, raw and harsh and everything that’s underlyind is only stronger for it. Powerful writing, beautiful development, a gem.

Irascible by bigasstrees and rivai-lution
Amazing True Detective AU. Violent and dark and really it feels just like watching the series; the amount of work it must have taken is incredible. Ended up missing the Louisiana accent when I was done. Powerful and just overall well-done. It takes time to get down from the high this fic gives.

Salt by rivai-lution
Merman AU. A tale of traumas and hopes. A very fragile thing.

Living Things by IohannaFacTotum and merkase (ongoing)
Zombie AU featuring pretty much the whole cast. The worldbuilding is amazing, story both dark and hilarious. Also, zombies.

Wild-Type by merkase (ongoing)
More of their lovely, delightful writing. You didn’t know you needed a dragon fic, until.

Some shorter pieces to consider if you are looking to effectively break down in fewer words:
Inkblot by dykejonze
every me, every you
by dykejonze
dying, Egypt
by JadeLupine

And lastly some more recently started, very promising things to keep an eye on:
the rat catcher by birbwin
cum laude by birbwin
Cardamom by LostCauses
O₂ by merkase
Devil’s Backbone by danchouchan

P-S : forgot a Classics section; everything by stereobone, and obviously masksarehot’s He Chose Titans.

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The Thunder Before the Lightning

Author: colinmorgaan

Rating: General

Setting: CanonAU

Word Count: 6k

Summary: Arthur is afraid of thunderstorms. Merlin stops the rain. Or, It’s the strongest thunderstorm Camelot has ever seen and just as Merlin thought, Arthur is terrified. Being the only one who knows this about Arthur, Merlin goes to comfort him. Something about the frequency of the thunder makes the two boys feel like it’s too loud for anyone to hear their secrets.

Comment: I read this during a summer thunderstorm and it was perfect. I adored the comfort Merlin provided Arthur and the confessions they made really touched me; especially when Arthur admitted why he doesn’t like storms. A great comfort story.